5 step plan to choose enclosures with the internet of things for Manufacturing Units


We’ve put together this five-point checklist for choosing computer enclosures to future-proof the Internet of Things on your manufacturing floor. Knowing this will help you to quickly identify a solid solution for your factory or plant.

1. Only opt for National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rated enclosures. Anything else will offer about as much protection as an umbrella in a hurricane. Reputable suppliers will specify a NEMA rating, which determines what level of protection an enclosure provides against water, dust, and other foreign bodies.

2. Decide what application you need. If you’re looking to protect IT equipment from water or you work on a manufacturing floor where cleanliness is crucial, you should consider waterproof NEMA 4 computer enclosures.

If you’re looking to future-proof internet connected computers used in a more grueling environment, you should research industrial computer enclosures.

3. Opt for enclosures to suit your manufacturing floor layout. Computer enclosures can be wall, stand or floor-mounted; which is useful when it comes to saving or creating space and putting computer equipment even further out of harm’s way.

4. Opt for enclosures that offer flexibility – To minimize downtime, and to prevent lengthy periods of no internet connection, you need to be able to swap out IT equipment quickly and conveniently to get your manufacturing floor up and running again. Therefore, you should pick enclosures that allow almost instant access.

5. Opt for enclosures with a warranty – For your peace of mind, choose a supplier that offers a warranty on their enclosures.

Computers will play a key role in bringing the Internet of Things to your manufacturing floor. Integrate them correctly and you can sustain IoT for years to come.

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