Gopigeon’s Surface Product & it’s features: Part 4


In our earlier blog we gave a gist of our Surface product and it’s features. Here, in this & coming few edition of our blogs we will talk about it’s features in detail.

As you are aware of, GoPigeon has launched a product to meet Surface movement. It has developed a customised tech product which provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with multiple surface courier companies.

Here are few features in detail:

Update via. SMS/email:


One of the feature of GoPigeon Surface Product is that you get the regular update of your shipment – its movement at each point via. SMS and email on your registered mobile number and email id.

Customer Happiness & Support Team:


GoPigeon has a Customer Happiness and Support Team which is always ready to solve all your queries and issue. You just need to share your concern and our team resolves it and soon as possible.

Dedicated KAM (Key Account Managers):


Once you become the client of GoPigeon, you are assigned a Dedicated Account Manager. You can reach them anytime with your issues and they will provide you the solution. They will also share performance report and updates needed for smooth movement of your shipments.

For more information, log on to or drop a mail @

Happy Shipping!


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