Gopigeon’s Surface Product & it’s features: Part 3


GoPigeon has launched a product to meet Surface movement. It has developed a customised tech product which provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with multiple surface courier companies.

In our earlier blog we gave a quintessence of our Surface product and it’s features. Here, in this & coming few edition of our blogs we will talk about it’s features in detail. We have already talked about it’s Pincode reach, Insurance, API integration, ICA and Bulk order processing.

Here are few more features in detail:

Scheduled Delivery:


GoPigeon’s easy to use dashboard lets you schedule the delivery of your shipment basis your convenience. You can get your shipment delivered when you want and where you want.

Real time tracking:


GoPigeon lets you track each and every movement of your shipment – from the movement it is handed over to the logistic partner to it is delivered. Get the real time tracking of your shipment and be tension free.

Automated MIS:


Get automated MIS (Management Information System) report twice a day with the details on how many shipment were handed over to GoPigeon, how many got connected, how many are in transit and how many got delivered. It helps you know the exact location and status of your shipment.

For more information, log on to or drop a mail @


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