Gopigeon’s Surface Product & it’s features: Part 2


In our earlier blog we gave a gist of our Surface product and it’s features. Here, in this & coming few edition of our blogs we will talk about Surface Product features in detail.

As you are aware of, GoPigeon has launched a product to meet Surface movement. It has developed a customised tech product which provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with multiple surface courier companies.

Here are few features in detail:

Seamless API Integration:


Get your website seamlessly integrated via. GoPigeon’s API. The process for API integration is very simple and easy. It is also very fast in comparison to other logistics partners.  

Bulk Order Processing:


The hassle of processing orders manually or one-by-one is over now. GoPigeon helps in processing bulk orders. Be it 1 or 1000 or 10000 orders, you can upload and process them in one go.

ICA (Intelligent courier allocation):


GoPigeon Surface product is launched with a new product feature, ICA – Intelligent Courier Allocation, to effectively optimise its network of logistics partners. The goal is to ensure Faster delivery speed, Quick claim settlement and Increased RTO (Return to Origin) SLA.

For more information, log on to or drop a mail @


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