How to make customer experience better


Something as simple as this quote can lay the essential foundation for any corporation, in fact it should. In the world of Logistics, this indeed came out of the blue, like Godzilla, to impact their way of operating. It has become certain now that Logistics cannot be coined as ‘efficient’ just by providing low costs or having a major chunk of market share.

But why is it necessary to be efficient? Simple. The answer is sustainable growth.

In this era, most logistics companies are under the assumption that a good market share would help them sustain. They give away their services at dirt-cheap prices and quickly grow to establish themselves. Here’s the thing, they have misunderstood what sustainable growth means. It is NOT just business growth, but it is an expression that has expanded on the idea of ‘what are the responsibilities of business beyond satisfying shareholders?

One thing must be embedded into our minds: ‘Customer is always right’. This era is more customer-centric rather than product-centric. The customer knows everything and has endless expectations to be fulfilled. If you fulfil those, and also keep you company’s numbers in green, then you will know you are efficient.

Typically, logistics companies face troubles like product returns, delays in delivery, high cost of manpower among others. Here lies the challenge. How would you create an effective logistics plan to minimise the effect? For that, you must follow these practices:

  1. Plan ahead, make it fool proof. Keep a minimal chance of failure or a breakdown in the chain, and know how to eliminate the possibility of any delays.
  2. Remember Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. So always create contingency plans.
  3. Always learn from your mistakes.

By implementing an effective logistics plan you can ensure that

  • The number of returns and delays will reduce as there will be a lesser possibility of delivery the wrong product at the wrong place and wrong time
  • The delivery timelines will improve, which will enable you to cater to a larger customer and, in that way, improve profits
  • The manpower needs and incidental losses will substantially reduce.
  • There will be customer satisfaction and, in so doing, an enhancement in customer confidence


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