How can Startups fulfill their Logistics needs?


The Indian start-up industry is flourishing in the past couple of years. In the year 2015, we saw Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant stepping in India, the ‘kirana shop’ became the hottest category, and the number companies valued over $100 million rose over 3 times. In short, 2015 was a great year to start a startup. Would 2016 be the same as 2015 or better, we can’t say.

If you look in the startup industry, most of the start-ups are e-commerce ventures. That means, logistics solutions is a core part of their business strategy. Startups find it extremely difficult to cut their logistics costs. Why, you ask? Well, In India, the logistics cost is about 13-15% of the value of the shipment being shipped, as compared to the global average of about 6%. Also, there are many players in the market, from big ones like India Post, FedEx and DHL to the upcoming ones like Delhivery, Aramex and e-commerce express to name a few. Each have their own advantages but it is hard to choose one. You would end up partnering with maximum logistics service providers to try and reduce your cost.

To fill up this gap of simplifying logistics, a new concept of courier aggregators has risen in India. For a start-up, it is recommended to partner alongside with a courier aggregator. Think of it in this way. You get the advantage of shipping at the best prices with maximum reach across India, and all the logistics needs are taken care of.

If you want to know more, you must read this.

So what players are filling this gap in this industry? One among all is GoPigeon. GoPigeon is, by far, the best courier aggregator in India. With over 20,000 pin codes covered across India, it gives you the highest coverage to deliver the shipments. With a customisable dashboard to track your shipments, multiple mode of payment options and the best prices available in the market, GoPigeon is the right one-stop logistics solution company a startup can rely on.

Visit to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices.


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