GoPigeon with it’s special feature – ICA (Intelligent Courier Allocation)


The Gopigeon courier allocation algorithm uniquely chooses the best courier for a particular shipment taking into account multiple parameters such as

  • Logistics partner performance on the particular route
  • Customer profile (industry type, customer LTV, Inventory financing costs etc)

in addition to historical performance data, the model also takes into account events data such as weather forecasts at the various hubs, festivals, strikes etc.

Post Shipping Intelligence

After a shipment is shipped, our post shipping intelligence algorithm predicts the following parameters on real time

  • TAT
  • Probability of delay
  • Probability of RTO
  • Lost probability

These predictions are used to device communication strategies, such as making push notifications, sms communication, email communication to the end consignee to improve the probability of delivery and improve the overall customer experience.

Our system uses multiple network optimisation and machine learning algorithms. As our performance and events database becomes larger the accuracy of our predictions keeps improving.

We continue to improve our predictive abilities by incorporating more powerful algorithms and big data processing capabilities to deliver the results at a faster pace.

For more information on ICA and our unique services, drop a mail @ or log on to


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