GoPigeon Launches Machine Learning Based Courier Allocation Feature ICA


GoPigeon Launches Machine Learning Based Courier Allocation Feature ICA; Aims To Ensure Faster Deliveries In Different Verticals

GoPigeon has launched a new product feature, ICA – Intelligent Courier Allocation, to effectively optimise its network of logistics partners. The goal is to ensure below:

  1. Faster delivery speed
  2. Quick claim settlement
  3. Increased RTO (Return to Origin) SLA.

ICA is an artificial intelligence system that automates and controls the allocation of logistics partners for a particular pin code or location. It works through machine learning and uses business intelligence with the help of past data and patterns and decides that for “XYZ” pin code,  “ABC” logistics partner (LP) is best.

The aim is to help cater to the different needs and requirements of the businesses. For instance, businesses in apparel and accessories category want their shipments to be delivered fast and thus want LPs which can provide fast service in respective pin codes. Those serving high-value product categories such as jewellery or electronic equipment would require trustable LPs. Another example can be of sellers dealing with fast-moving and high demand products, who require LPs which can return product quicker if not accepted by individual customers.

For more information, log on to or drop a mail @


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