Logistics in India and its challenges


The courier and logistics market in India poses some interesting questions , specially if one is trying to find answers to these questions by means of technology. As an IT & SaaS logistics company we got an excellent opportunity to solve the problems posed by this industry from a technology standpoint, some of them were –

1. Embracement of technology — Processes were not in place that would not make full utilization of the technology present in hand, which would lead to manual processes in various layers of the business to carry out simple tasks.

2. Simple yet powerful system — The workforce interacting with the system are not very skilled, and a complex system would inturn hurt the service levels. The whole goal was to use technology to improve service and not use technology to increase the turn around time.

3. Drive people towards change — Last but not the least, the biggest challenge was not to develop a powerful system but to ensure that the people are onboard and they don’t perceive technology as another hassle.

When we started GoPigeon, the expectation was such that , technology alone should be able to solve all the problems at a bare minimum cost, which was a very tough ask. Some of the key challenges that we faced were –

1.Too many hands — From pickup to the final delivery shipments were shaking a lot of hands. Integration of systems across companies was impossible because each of these companies were competitors at some level and would not want to use a similar system. However, such partnerships were key, in order to expand the network of a courier company.

2. Coverage/Reach of System- Due to lack of infrastructure in tier-3 cities, rural towns and lack of skilled labor the penetration of the system was restricted to a bunch of stations and created a state of confusion, as neither the customers nor the courier company would not get a complete picture on the whereabouts of a package throughout its journey.

3. Manual processes — No matter how hard we tried, due to lack of training and the nature of the industry a lot of times the tendency to drive things manually due to a technical snag or unexpected work load would lead to the system being not used and the people would resort to manual processes.

But such was the nature of the technology that in order to get an overview of the entire journey of the shipment, a shipment had to interact with the system at every step i.e. from pickup to the last mile delivery due to which the existing processes had to be tweaked and that caused some delays. And such delays were obviously not very well received by the stakeholders because the end goal was not to provide a state-of-art technology to its customers but to deliver a shipment as soon as possible.

After  seeing the above challenges, we felt that the market firstly needs to lower its expectations about technology. To be honest, technology alone is an enabler and can never solve problems on its own. Technology can be used to solve business problems and that’s where the mindset needs to move towards.

GoPigeon comes with such service and Simplifies Business Logistics. It is an on demand, technology enabled end-to-end logistics management company which offers one stop solutions for all your shipping needs. We have developed a customised tech product which provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with multiple courier companies.

At Gopigeon, you can count on us for reliable delivery of your shipment. Our customisable dashboard and unified tracking system can help you place orders, track your shipments and choose a courier service of your choice.

We provide end to end logistical support for all your shipping needs!

For more information log on to http://gopigeon.in/


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