e-Commerce industry in India and its challenges

e-Commerce industry in India faces several logistics challenges and it is not just about the lack of standardisation in postal addresses. India is a huge country with  thousands of towns that are not easily accessible. Metropolitan cities and other major urban centre have a fairly robust logistics infrastructure.

  • One of the major challenge is the logistical complexity, which consumes huge amount of capital and time to solve it.
  • Small deliveries to many places causes complex routing problems. Deliveries are time-bound and are restricted to time periods and certain routes. Due to the dispersed customer location, it is difficult for the delivery guys to find the customer location
  • For start ups, developing and implementing a system to accept online orders can get expensive.

There are two ways to do it: your own system created from scratch or buying a solution.

Companies operating in logistics industry face unique challenges as delivery guys operate in vast territories. The challenges these companies face include:

  • No real-time coordination
  • Ineffective technology application
  • Admin work
  • Locating customer addresses
  • Visibility of field workforce

All the above problems is solved by GoPigeon. GoPigeon is an on demand, technology enabled end-to-end logistics management company which offers one stop solutions for all your shipping needs. We have developed a customised tech product which provides the easiest way to ship package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with multiple courier companies.

At Gopigeon, you can count on us for reliable delivery of your shipment. Our customisable dashboard and unified tracking system can help you place orders, track your shipments and choose a courier service of your choice.

We provide end to end logistical support for all your shipping needs!

For more information log on to http://gopigeon.in/


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