Work Hard Party Harder!


We at GoPigeon believe on Working Hard Partying Harder because working day in and day out may be good for your future growth, but sadly it affects your mental and physical health, and social life as well. As hard work ensures that you stay ahead in your career graph, partying ensures that you enjoy life to the fullest. And that’s not the only reason why we believe you should work hard but party harder.

Here are some more:

De-stress: Believe it or not, partying can work wonders for your mental state. Whether your boss fired you, your competitor lured away your important customer, or your partner cheated on you, a party can give you the right break to release the payload of stress from your head. We are not saying shaking a leg or two or social chit-chatting will make your problems go away, but trust us, they will seem less ominous the next day.

Networking: Parties can be a great exercise in networking and self-promotion. If you have a new team member in your organization, a party is the perfect way to break the ice and build team motivation. If you are an entrepreneur or planning your startup, then the parties are the place to be. Over a few drinks, you can impress your listeners and build your future client base. Just a few words of advice though, stick to subtle auto-publicity. People usually tend to run away from publicity overkill.

Be happy: Someone had said once – Man is a social animal. Who? We are not sure, nor do we care. But yes, we are social animals. We crave for human company from time to time. And party gives the perfect opportunity for social interaction. Singing on Karaoke, dancing to loud music, enjoying a few drinks with friends and colleagues, and losing yourself to the vibrant energy of your surroundings can release some happy hormones in your body.

Live life: Doing the same work and seeing the same old faces can make you question the reason behind your existence. But a party can give you a break from your oh-so-boring life. Party and Team outing can leave you with a certain energy and give meaning to your life. And if certain people think you are shallow; yeah well, whatever!

Remember, life is short and work never ending. You don’t want to have regrets later. Now there’s no reasons why you should put your life on hold till the weekend. 

With this, we announce that we are hiring. If you feel you wanna be a part of such great team and work culture, GoPigeon is the place for you. 

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