How can 3PLs increase their visibility to succeed?

As organisations venture in the logistics sector, supply chains get to be multi-layered, which prompts longer lead times and extra pipeline stock. Notwithstanding internal changes, the external variables in the network – from cultures and languages to tariffs and regulations – add to 45% of organisations responding that conquering complexities and difficulties as their top priority. Another 43% distinguished their top priority as the need to improve speed and accuracy inside their inventory network. Like extra complications, speed and velocity change, and in most cases, they are both hampered.

In order to understand such issues, a client can comprehend the situation if 3PLs are able to increase their visibility among its network. This can be done through sharing the following information:

  •         The percent of inbound orders received and on-time
  •         The percent of outbound orders delivered and on-time
  •         The change in total landed costs over the past year
  •         The percent of delivered stock to in-transit stock
  •         The company’s compliance level with its SLA standards

3PLs need to have more control over their supply chain and should push for additional coordination among external parties than the remaining companies. Also, 3PLs who strive to be SLA compliant may have a healthier, more visible supply chain.

Another thing to understand is that there has been a remarkable increase in the use of 3PLs lately. More than 70% of companies studied have a continuous association with a 3PL, and 56% of those have associations with more than one 3PL. 50% of them answered that they have partnered with 3 or more 3PLs. The lion’s share of large 3PLs offer solutions that give automated tracking and tracing capabilities and provide enhanced network and event monitoring. All qualified 3PLs ought to give tracking and tracing visibility at the unit level.

Want to know more? Every day, shippers face additional challenges and complexities due to the growing global market. Global supply chains increase the need for companies to develop and maintain seamless integrated visibility across multiple enterprises in order to gain the most beneficial results and close more gaps.

All this emphasises that it is absolutely necessary to garner visibility. To know more, stay updated with our blog site.


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