Wondering how to reduce RTO?

In the shipping industry, it is a common problem that a shipment is not delivered because of certain unavoidable reasons. Either the shipment reached late to the destination, the shipment got defected, the customer cancelled the order, or the customer did not want it anymore, plain and simple. In such cases, what generally happens is the shipment is returned back to the consignor (the one who sent) who, in the end, incurred a cost that turned into a loss. The process of returning the shipment back to the consignor is known as RTO.

So here was a basic question in front of us: How to reduce RTO?

How To Reduce RTO

Let us clear this out first, it is important to do so. Think through a consignor’s point-of-view. First, he loses money; he incurs a cost that did not reap him any benefit whatsoever. Second, he loses a customer; the customer would not think rightly of the consignor and would never return back. Third, he loses time. Too much loss to bear!

That’s why we started calling the end customers ourselves; simple and effective. Here’s what happens. After a failed first try, we call the end customer and get information regarding the reason behind it. If the customer was unavailable to collect the shipment, we ask him for the time slot when he would be available and simply try delivering again. If the customer got a late delivery and did not accept it (because who likes untimely delivery?), we try to convince the customer to accept it and deliver it again.

In a nutshell, we give you one more shot, a second chance. We firmly believe that a mistake made today can be solved TOMORROW. So the next time you come across a feeling that you need another try to get it done, think of us. We will make sure that it will get done.

we can do it

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