Connect with GoPigeon for all your shipping needs because ONE IS ENOUGH

Simplified business logistics: That’s what we aim to do, that’s what we are known for. At GoPigeon, simplicity is like the phrase ‘Less is the new more’.


Less is more, because simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, as said by Leonardo Da Vinci. Think of it in this way; back in the early 2000s, we carried a mobile phone for calls, a music player for listening to favourite tracks, a Gameboy to play cool games, and a camera to capture moments. Now, it is all jammed into one smartphone. Simple, yet sophisticated.

This is exactly what we are doing for the logistics industry. To understand it better, let us look at how you would manage your logistics needs. The first thing to note is you would not send all your shipments through one courier partner, you will send those through many. Why so? Because you need the fastest delivery options to the most number of places across the world at the best rates. That’s three parameters right there. But a courier partner may fulfil only two out of those three. So you would need to choose the right one for every shipment you want to ship. Can you see things getting complicated for you from here onwards? It isn’t as easy as packing your shipment and getting it picked for delivery by the courier company, or is it?

As you must know, it is. With GoPigeon by your side, you will see how we simplify things. We know the logistics industry well enough to help you choose the right courier partner that will get the shipment delivered at the right place and the right time for the right price. To put it plainly, we have the expertise to manage multiple courier partners that will save you time, money and effort. And unlike anybody else, we also pick your shipments so that you won’t have to move an inch. As of today, we have delivered shipments to over 20,000 pin codes across India (You can read more about this here: Reach the farthest corners via GoPigeon), we offer the best prices in the industry, and we help you track all your shipments through one place (To know more, check this link here:Customised Dashboards – Why do you need it?).

For us, being simple is like the equation

Less (stuff, work, expense) = More (money, time, joy)

We urge you to have one goal to attain simplicity. The goal should no longer be to get more done, but to have less to do.

Visit to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices.


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