5 Myths about Shipping

Shipping is a major part of e-commerce – it’s the last step in the order fulfilment process and possibly the last dealings your customer will have with you.

However, it still remains one of the most common negatives that consumers name when shopping online. Here, we set straight some of the most common myths.

shipping myth

  1. Well-known logistics companies are the best options to make same-day delivery: None of these organizations are reasonable choices today, nor will they be at any point in the near future. Why not? They all have the same model of “one-size fits all customers”. Then again, the local delivery and courier industry is loaded with little, agile, and very adaptable organizations, usual to working about every minute of every day, on most occasions, and addressing their clients’ needs rather than requiring their clients to meet their operational practices.
  2. Free delivery is an industry standard: eBay used to urge dealers to offer unrestricted free delivery – yet it is not the business standard. While numerous customers underestimate it and expect free delivery, it is still not an industry standard. Regardless of the fact that the shipment is “free” to the customer, the retailer is paying for it by means of charges to the carrier, wages to the employees preparing the bundle for shipment, bundling supplies, and so on. What’s more, since carriers are likewise charging a base taking into account dimensional weight, it isn’t possible to ship something like a CD or a costly pen for nothing. Some of those expenses should be gone on to the customer, so it’s essential to make sense of on what items it bodes well to offer discounted shipping.slow train
  3. Shipping through rail is slow: Because rail shipping has been around for quite a while, it was, as you can see, very much a slow technique for transport many decades ago. In any case, it’s an altogether different story now. The truth of the matter is: yes, moving cargo by means of rail is generally slower than moving it over the street, however likely not as significantly as you think. Most paths are just around one day behind truckload shipping. Here and there, loads that should be interlined between railways can take somewhat more. In any case, for most clients that use rail shipments, the additional day or two of travel time is a little cost to pay for such extensive cost savings in comparison to other modes of transportation.
  4. Free shipping is built into product cost: Another myth that customers harbour is that delivery charge is incorporated with the item’s cost. You might be purchasing an exceptionally costly smartphone or a tablet, but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it qualifies for free shipping. Like we mentioned, shipping works on volume and dimension, so often at times, retailers won’t offer free shipping based solely on dollar amount alone.
  5. There are too many shipping risks involved: This is another half-truth. Without proper preparation, you certainly incur more risks by shipping internationally than you would be remaining domestic. That said, preparation mitigates that risk. Just as some shippers offer postage labels and tracking for domestic packages, the same holds true for international packages. The same names in shipment fulfilment that you trust locally can be trusted globally.

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