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If you use a single carrier for your transport needs, here’s a question. How far is their reach when it comes to shipping your courier? If they charge you more than other carriers for shipping to some places, would you manage multiple carriers? And how much time, money and resource are you willing to spend on finding the right carrier to deliver at the right place with the right price?

Too many questions to give a thought to, right? The thing is, you obviously cannot take a risk that would backfire. You must deliver to your customers, no matter how remote the delivery needs to go to, or else they suffer and so does your business. And that’s why you need to be sure that all the shipments are delivered at any and every place with the ticking clock.

This is where we come, where you can trust us. GoPigeon is a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs. We have reached to literally thousands of pin codes across India. Be it any nook or corner of the country, we will ensure that your shipment reaches on time, every time. We significantly lower your shipping costs, and we do it by finding the best carrier with the most competitive rates.

Believe it or not, we have reached more than 20,000 pin codes within a year of starting our business serving our customers, and have always met with remarkable response for our cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries.

Here’s an image that shows you our reach to different pin codes, across all the states and the union territories of India (yes, all of them!).

pin code reach

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Not only are you expanding your reach, you are also saving costs and time, minimising effort, and most importantly, reaching out to all your customers and earning their trust within you.

So don’t risk your success with the single carrier. Work with us and we will make sure that your shipment reaches anywhere and everywhere you want.

But wait, this is not the only reason why you should work with us. In the coming days, we will give you the full picture of our capabilities to get you on board with us. Be in the loop and keep visiting our site

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Every experience a customer has, can be made better – Why is logistics efficiency so important now.

Every experience a customer has, can be made better.

Something as simple as this quote can lay the essential foundation for any corporation, in fact it should. In the world of Logistics, this indeed came out of the blue, like Godzilla, to impact their way of operating. It has become certain now that Logistics cannot be coined as ‘efficient’ just by providing low costs or having a major chunk of market share.

But why is it necessary to be efficient? Simple. The answer is sustainable growth.

In this era, most logistics companies are under the assumption that a good market share would help them sustain. They give away their services at dirt-cheap prices and quickly grow to establish themselves. Here’s the thing, they have misunderstood what sustainable growth means. It is NOTjust business growth, but it is an expression that has expanded on the idea of ‘what are the responsibilities of business beyond satisfying shareholders?

One thing must be embedded into our minds: ‘Customer is always right’. This era is more customer-centric rather than product-centric. The customer knows everything and has endless expectations to be fulfilled. If you fulfil those, and also keep you company’s numbers in green, then you will know you are efficient.

customer experience

Typically, logistics companies face troubles like product returns, delays in delivery, high cost of manpower among others. Here lies the challenge. How would you create an effective logistics plan to minimise the effect? For that, you must follow these practices:

  1. Plan ahead, make it fool proof. Keep a minimal chance of failure or a breakdown in the chain, and know how to eliminate the possibility of any delays.
  2. Remember Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. So always create contingency plans.
  3. Always learn from your mistakes.

By implementing an effective logistics plan you can ensure that

  • The number of returns and delays will reduce as there will be a lesser possibility of delivery the wrong product at the wrong place and wrong time
  • The delivery timelines will improve, which will enable you to cater to a larger customer and, in that way, improve profits
  • The manpower needs and incidental losses will substantially reduce.
  • There will be customer satisfaction and, in so doing, an enhancement in customer confidence
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Benefits to Logistics Industry by using Bluetooth Technologies

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In the previous blog, we mentioned the reasons why many companies opt for using Bluetooth technologies as a part of their daily operational activities. In this blog, we shall look forward to the benefits of Bluetooth technologies that the logistics industry can reap. It can be classifies in four categorical ways, which include the following:

  1.    Elimination of Manual Scanning: Bluetooth-enabled technologies eliminate the manual stride of scanning packages. Indeed, even in uses of the Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth technologies could naturally be distinguished inside a distribution centre, shipment or container, setting off the automatic updating of information inside the particular Transportation Management System. This procedure allows a logistics supplier to lessen mistakes in scanning, guarantee all packages are accounted for during picking, packing and loading, and decrease the physical workload on its employees.
  2.    Secured Data-exchange for Short Distances: Privacy and security and two of the top issues among today’s logistics suppliers. Bluetooth-enabled technologies are not connected with the Internet by nature, and a logistics supplier must connect this information to their current Transportation Management System keeping in mind the end goal to do as such. Depending upon the present needs and needs of the particular organisation, Bluetooth-enabled technologies can give a safe environment to communicate restrictive data about items and shipments whenever. As it identifies with process management, this advantage will fundamentally influence logistics suppliers that need to decide particular activities without essentially transferring this data into the governing system.
  3.    Decreased Carbon Footprint: The key advantage of Bluetooth technologies spins around their low energy consumption. Not just does this reduce the operating costs for a given logistics supplier, for example, electricity costs, data costs, and material costs, it results in a decline in carbon footprint. With more organisations increasing their focus on environment-friendly processes and operations, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets will enhance public impressions of the organisation and could bring about great tax reductions or other green activities that have been made by national, state or local authority bodies.
  4.    Alignment with Mobile-based Management Systems: The push toward real-time stock management and data driven decisions turns into another basic part of the increased use of Bluetooth technologies. Logistics suppliers can take an instant inventory check from a cell phone of all things inside 200 feet of a selected zone. This further increases visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Bluetooth technologies are not an innovation of the past. These technologies will proceed to change and enhance the transportation and logistics industry. In the event that you have not already considered the use of Bluetooth technologies to benefit your organisation, consider why the use is increasing and how much capital it could save.

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Reasons behind Increased use of Bluetooth Technologies

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Bluetooth technologies seem to originate before the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in the public eye. We would all be able to recall when the first flip phones could send short media files to people for use as ringtones. However, Bluetooth technologies are making a subset of the IoT, extending its advantages and use among shipping and logistics providers. Before choosing to do without the use of Bluetooth-enabled technologies, logistics providers need to consider the driving forces behind them and how they will assist advantage to the business.

In general, there are a large number of reasons to use Bluetooth-enable technologies inside the shipping and logistics industry. Be that as it may, the vast majority of these reasons can be separated into the following classifications –

  1.    Data Cost: Accessing the Internet has turned out to be extraordinarily inexpensive, yet it is not free. Every byte of information costs real cash, and logistics suppliers must fuse these costs into their yearly or quarterly budget proposals. Notwithstanding, Bluetooth technologies can totally wipe out the need to use Internet information to convey data about shipments to different parts of a given workspace. Accordingly, logistics suppliers can identify areas where of repetitive data might happen and clean it before handling by an internet-connected hub.
  2.    Energy Conservation: Bluetooth technologies require less energy to work than internet-powered devices to communicate. At last, every organisation needs to trim fat and lessen expenses however much as could be expected.
  3.    Demand for Faster Communications: Regardless of the present condition of a network, all logistics suppliers confront the likelihood of downtime inside the system because of natural disasters or other unanticipated issues. Bluetooth-enabled technologies work on a gadget-to-gadget basis, which makes network concerns irrelevant.
  4.    Connection to the IoT: Bluetooth technologies may likewise be combined with Internet-enabled devices to allow for the fast dispersal, analysis and use of information. Consequently, all the more logistics suppliers will swing to Bluetooth technologies to guarantee a wellspring of data is accessible that can incorporate consistently inside an organisation’s current applications.
  5.    Decreased Cost of Beacon-based Systems: Technology is liable to the law of supply and demand. The cost of making Bluetooth devices and beacons have reduced drastically. To logistics suppliers, lower costs of gadgets that require less energy and other resources to work properly is at the core of business success. Beacon-based systems are essentially turning out to be more reasonable and affordable, which extends their use of small businesses as well.

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10 Things companies need to know about Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is turning into a hot-catch issue for the C-suite. Many senior pioneers are concerned whether executing IoT-based innovation and processes is worth the time, money and effort involved. Others worry they risk being abandoned and losing their clients to rivals if they stay away from it by and large.

On the off chance that so many companies understand the value of the IoT and are contributing extensive time, money and effort to understand its potential, why are such a large number of as yet are failing to achieve it? Let’s take a look at why are they missing the mark by this list of 10 rundowns of what each company ought to think about effectively operationalising the IoT.

  1.       The value of the IoT is not technology. The real value lies in the creation of new value propositions and potential revenue streams. The key is taking this technology and using it to move toward new business models and services that will help realize them.
  2.       IoT data will be more democratic than Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) data. Historically, SCADA data has been locked away in somebody’s process control network. To access this information, update it, and revalidate it, people needed a miracle. With IoT, you can freely and quickly bring up this information when and where you need it.
  3.       Businesses outside of your industry may know something you don’t. For example, highly powerful tools developed for clickstream analysis, fraud detection, cyber security, and genome sequencing are now coming to process industries. Don’t snub other industries, thinking that you are different from them. They may have a few tricks in their pocket that you need.
  4.       Standardization leads to repeatability. The more comparable assets are in your organization, the better your forecasts will be. Machine learning is better with more, similar data. Anything less leads to misconstrued information and inefficiency.
  5.       Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are converging – deal with it. Data engineering can take significant time and resources. However, it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward with IoT initiatives. Instrumentation and controls engineers from the world of operational technology (OT) have to bridge the gap between the analytics and IT communities.
  6.       Sensors will not live forever. In other words, cheap sensors are not going to be 100% reliable, 100% of the time. Ultimately, all sensors fail either instantaneously or slowly degrade. Processes must be established to make sure sensors are fully operational and deliver correct data.
  7.       Your information is as good as your sensors. Reliability of predictions is only as good as the data feeding them. If you are going to run analytics based on sensor data, you better make sure that the sensor is in good working order.
  8.       Data needs context. To develop a model that forecasts behaviour, data scientists require context and time-series data. Otherwise it becomes very difficult to consume this information and truly see what happening now and in the future. People need real-time data to make the best possible decisions. With pervasive monitoring, this information is captured and delivered for business intelligence analysis
  9.       The IoT brings a tsunami of data. IoT rollouts bring a proliferation of cheap, distributed sensors – resulting in a huge volume of data in a short amount of time.
  10.   Don’t forget what powers the IoT. Data integration and actionable information are the heart of collection and analysis of IoT data. Invest in the technologies, expertise, and processes that support integration, reporting, decision making, and action – and maintain them well.


Sustainable Packaging Is Must For Businesses Now

There is a new storm of ‘going green’ in all aspects of life today. More and more people today are aware of the importance of sustainable development. Therefore, many companies are exploring new ways to incorporate sustainable packaging and sustainable business procedures. While this is a truly appreciable and necessary effort on their part; is it just for the environment? What if I told you your business can benefit a great deal by adopting simple means of sustainable packaging? Yes, you can save money on packaging by going good deed for the environment.

How? Let’s find out!


Why Sustainable Packaging Should Be A Part Of Your Business Strategy?

It Creates Goodwill
With the increasing awareness about environmental means of doing business, any company that adopts sustainable packaging is bound to gain goodwill in the market. Studies have revealed that more and more people today want to be associated with eco-friendly brands. Not just that, it has also been found that an increasing number of people wish to be working for an eco-friendly company. So along with goodwill among your targeted customers, you are also likely to attract a better work force!

It Invokes the Interest of New Interest Groups
A major part of doing business is constantly reaching out to 8newer audience in order to expand your customer base. Imagine the number of interest groups who will want to be associated with ‘green and sustainable’! The numbers say it brings about a remarkable growth in customer base.

It Help You Financially
And finally, the words every businessman wants to hear! Yes, you can definitely save a lot of costs by turning to sustainable packaging! Recyclable packaging material and smaller packaging saves you considerable amount of costs. At the same time the goodwill will lead to excellent public relations opportunities and the increased customer base will eventually lead to profits.

The bottom line remains that in order to do business, it is important to think long term. And sustainable packaging is one step towards creating a balance and maintaining the business for the future. But how will you go about this? Let’s find out

How To Get Started & Save Money On Packaging?

The bottom line remains that in order to do business, it is important to think long term. And sustainable packaging is one step towards creating a balance and maintaining the business for the future. But how will you go about this? Let’s find out

Pack Smarter
People have a notion that the minute you try anything eco-friendly, it has to be green, dull and boring in appearance. On the contrary, there is no need to compromise with your packaging for it to be environmentally responsible. Start with using material that is complete recyclable. You can use soya ink for printing, recyclable plastic for packaging to create whatever packing you desire!

Pack Dense
Traditional packaging boxes waste a lot of space as they are big in size. That not only looks dull but also increases your costs as many transport companies today focus on volume instead of weight. By switching to more precise packaging, you will save space and resources which is another step towards sustainable packaging.

Pick wisely
The vendor you choose to send your package to your customer must be environmentally responsible as well. There is a very little meaning in sustainable packaging if the transportation is reckless and ends up emitting too many harmful gases. Choose a vendor wisely who takes measures to do business with sustainable means.

The important thing to remember is that don’t expect the process to be flawless. But don’t lose will either. Every step you take towards the environment is a contribution not only towards a better future but a more responsible business.