Cool Comic Strips to describe our Fathers this Father’s Day

A father never tells you how to live; he lives, and lets you watch him do it.

A father’s love towards a child is kind of hidden without a child ever really realising it. Fathers usually do something or buy us something without us asking for it in a way of showing their love. Or they give us “tough love” where if a situation has happened they just tell us to let it go and move on. They also aren’t as affectionate as mothers are, where mothers like to caress their babies and hug and kiss on them if they get a cut or burn or something.

But hey, fathers are still better than mothers in certain ways. They are more useful in a fist fight, they are calmer and stable in an emergency, they think more like children often than not, and they buy cooler things than moms do. And to contribute our Father’s Day wishes to every father in the world, we would like to share some comic strips that perfectly define a true father:

father's day 1


father's day 2


father's day 3


father's day 4


father's day 5


What’s important to remember is that fathers realise how much they matter to their children. They know that quality time is important. It may not means going on fancy vacations, but more like playing ball or even watching a movie. Whatever it is, fathers make themselves available through thick and thin of their children’s lives. And whenever they are with their children, they are with them.

For decades, we have assumed that the mother-child bond was the most important one in a kid’s life, but now we realise just how much dads matter. And that is why, this Father’s Day, we would like to say to all the fathers out there that they are the reason what makes us who we are.

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