All you need to know Why your Shipment is Stuck

As we, at GoPigeon, are coming near to a year of operating in the Logistics industry, we have already faced numerous obstacles that have held us back, which made us stronger to get through it. Being a company that provides you end-to-end logistics solutions, we deliver your cargo by partnering with logistics service providers. So far, we have already partnered with all the major names of service providers that you can think of, and while working with them, we have understood all kinds of problems faced while shipping.


Today, we would like to talk about one common problem that hampers effectiveness in the logistics industry – when the shipment gets stuck. If you have ever sent shipments, there is a high chance that you must have faced with this problem. Your logistics service provider tells you that your shipment is stuck. Here’s when you ask the question ‘Why?’

Let’s look at the possible problems (that we have faced) caused which led to the shipment getting stuck in transit –

  1. When we try to connect one logistics service provider with another to get the shipment moving, the shipment does not get connected. This happens especially when we move the shipment from ‘in-transit’ phase to ‘last mile’ phase.
  2. Once we handover the shipment to the courier partner, the data needs to be sent across as well. Sometimes as it happens, the courier partner does not get the available data and are thus obliged to keep the shipment at hold.
  3. Most of the times, the consignee (end customer) is unavailable. The person may not be available at the delivery address or do not answer their call to confirm a dedicated delivery time slot as per their convenience.
  4. Also, it is highly likely that the contact details of the consignee is incorrect. It can be the name, phone number or even the address.
  5. Misrouted shipments take place when there is an error, mostly human error. Shipments get misrouted because of the likelihood of an error in labelling the shipment.
  6. Talking about labelling, there is also a chance of error in a mismatch in the label and the data available with the courier partner. When such mismatch happens, we are in need to connect with them and get the issue rectified, which takes up time and delays the shipment.
  7. There is also a chance that the courier partner might suffer from a heavy backlog, meaning that they have excess shipments to ship and will result in a delay in shipping, resulting in the shipment being stuck at their warehouse for a while.
  8. And the least likely but still a probable cause for a shipment being stuck is it getting lost or damaged.

Not to keep you hanging in the bay, we must tell you that these problems can be solved, and have been solved by us. To know more about the possible solutions, subscribe to our blog site and stay tuned.

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