The Logistics side of IPL

For a cricket-fanatic nation, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016 is bringing 60 matches spanning across 60 days. With 8 teams participating in the tournament, each having their own home ground, one can only think how much the teams (players and support staff) and their fans travel across the nation.

So, does it mean that there are 8 venues in total? No, actually its 11. 11 venues will be hosting IPL matches this year, with Kanpur and Rajkot hosting for the first time in IPL history. If you imagine a map of venues across India, it would look something like this –


“It’s covering nearly every corner of the country!” is what you would think to yourself. And it is true! Now, thinking it through the logistics perspective, it is a complete nightmare. Thinking of transporting all the equipment from one city to another, day in and day out, is quite a task.

This year, IPL has been in news for all the wrong reasons they wanted to be, logistically. Here are some of the headlines it made –

1.       Two matches are supposed to be held in Kanpur. The problem is, the cricket stadium is about 71kms away from the nearest airport which is at Lucknow. That means more unnecessary time spent in travelling.

2.       Also, there is just one 5-star hotel in Kanpur. ONE! Where would you expect the teams to stay if the hotel is booked and there aren’t many rooms available?

3.       12 matches have been moved out of drought-hit Maharashtra (cities of Mumbai and Pune) to Vishakhapatnam, as ruled by the Supreme Court. That means more headache for the administration.

4.       Two playoff matches have been moved to Bangalore and Delhi, which were earlier slated to be happen in Kolkata. We can already feel how hard the administration would be pulling their hair out.

In a way, the logistics people are being asked to be on their toes for last-minute changes. The bummer is, these people are already on their toes with a hectic schedule and tremendous work, and are now facing strong winds that can make them tumble metaphorically. Till now, everything is going smoothly in IPL and all we wish is *touch wood* it to go on and end well.

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