We are #LiveInSurat

The surat (face) of growth in India, that is what can be best described about the city of Surat.

Yes, it is in Gujarat. And no, it is not the capital of Gujarat (neither is Ahmedabad, its Gandhinagar)! But it is altogether a very different city than the two, the people especially.


Surat is known for its relaxed lifestyle and its cuisine. An old saying in Gujarati, “Surat nu Jaman ane Kashi nu Maran”, means “Eat in Surat and Die in Kashi” to have the best for one’s soul. This city is known for epic meals (both sweet and spicy) and enthusiastic celebrations of festivals. Navratri, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi might be celebrated with a lot of excitement, but it Makar Sankranti that shows the true spirit of the city. Kites fill up the blue sky and all you hear is people shouting ‘Kai Po Che’, means ‘I have cut’.


Surat is like India’s diamond in the rough, literally.  More than 90% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished here. That itself says something special about the city. Humble, hard-working, enthusiastic and smart talkers, the people there have the perfect blend of everything you would like to see in someone, right!

That is who we are, a perfect blend of all the right things for you. GoPigeon is the right one-stop solution for your logistics problems. You won’t have the need to worry about your shipping needs with us because we simplify business logistics. With our tie-ups with all the courier partners, we will send your shipment through the right courier partner that will deliver at the right time and price.


Visit www.gopigeon.in to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices.


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