Prepaid & Cash-on-Delivery, we have got it covered

Let’s look at the logistics industry through the simplest of imaginations. To ship the parcel to your customer, you send your delivery boy. He delivers it to the customer. If it is prepaid, then the delivery boy comes back; if not, then he collects the money, comes back and gives it to you. Easy-peasy.

Now imagine that you don’t have a delivery boy, so you ask the courier company to ship the parcel for you. The problem is, the courier company will charge you for their service provided right at the very instant. In a way, you would pay money now and get it back later by charging your customer. Big deal, right?

YES, it is. You are losing accessible cash, your working capital. Would not it be better to pay the shipping charges later, let’s say, at the end of every month? It’s sure that the courier companies won’t help you out with this, and having your own logistics solutions is what you should not even dream about (it’s costly, that’s why!).



There’s a way out of this. You can charge your customer straight away, so that the money comes in from one hand and goes out through the other to the courier companies. But what if your customer doesn’t want to pay in advance? Obviously you cannot ignore him, there are many others like him. For the sake of understanding, when you look into the ecommerce retail industry, you will see that nearly 75% of all the transactions are cash-on-delivery based. That’s 3 out of 4 customers of yours right there. You cannot lose them, but what can you do?

That’s where GoPigeon comes in. We send your parcels through a courier company that is the best fit for you, make sure that the money is collected from the customer, remit the cash-on-delivery back to you, and charge you at the end of the month (or at some other time, you choice!). Be it prepaid delivery or cash-on-delivery, we got it.



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Visit to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices. 



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