Preemptive Tracking – How can it help you?

pre·emp·tive (adj.): Undertaken or intended to deter or prevent an anticipated, usually unpleasant situation or occurrence

In the business world, unpleasant situations are purely disasters, disasters we face because of barriers. In our business tenure, we have come across many barriers and we overcame those, others have come across many barriers and we learnt from them too. The core idea was always to minimise these mistakes (there were a lot!), and we did and are still doing so. To put it straightaway, here’s what we did:

We implemented Preemptive Tracking, a practice that our customer service executives are trained to do, for the purpose of delivering shipments without any hassles that can be solved by staying updated about the shipment status and informing the same to the concerned people.

preemptive tracking.png


I think some of you would have understood what it means by now. Simply put, pre-emptive tracking is a practice that is carried in order to reduce the shipment return rates (in business terms, we coin it as Return-To-Origin, or RTOs) and to meet the required SLA (a Service-Level Agreement that consists of measurable terms like the time bracket of delivery, and many more). But we would like to elaborate more to tell you how we use this basic-yet-impactful idea, and we would do so by sharing the kind of barriers we overcame.

Now, the essential thing to understand is what kind of business we actually do. For that, we recommend you to read a small post we shared earlier: Save your Time, Money and Effort with GoPigeon

Barrier #1: The shipping details were incorrect or missing, details like the consignee’s address, contact number or even the name.

Barrier #2: The courier partner could not ship the parcel within the mentioned time bracket.

Barrier #3: The consignee is not available to receive the shipment at the given time on the mentioned address.

Barrier #4: In case of cash-on-delivery service, the consignee doesn’t have any cash.

Barrier #5: The consignee has cancelled the order.

In all the above cases, the common solution to all is tracking the shipment status right from the point it is picked from the consignor till the point it is delivered to the consignee. In these cases, we found that many discrepancies can be solved by sharing information. That’s why we keep in touch with everyone, the consignor, the courier partner and the consignee; and we inform the concerned party regarding the status of the shipment and we do the required thing accordingly, whether it is retrying delivery or returning it to origin.

It really is a basic, yet a very impactful idea to practice, and it has yielded us good results and even better relationships with our clients. We are strengthening our current relationships and building new ones by giving the best, hassle-free, effortless shipping experience, and we are doing so every day.

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