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Delhi-02Delhi is a city where everything is a contrast. From the best shopping malls to the underground markets, from big 5-star restaurants to yummilicious street food, from the infamous Delhi Metro to the regular tuk tuks; whether it is true Indian culture, western luxuries or the tastiest food in the world, Delhi has it all.

  1. Hauz Khas Village – The most happening place in Delhi. It is filled with young and happening crowd and has some of the best cafes, bars and restaurants
  2. Connaught Place – The perfect destination for all. Known for electronics, shopping and amazing milkshakes and pastries
  3. Chandni Chowk – The all-in-one place for everything. Around for more than 3 centuries, this place is famous for books, gadgets, semi-precious jewellery and chatpata food. And you will find a soothing Qawwali Show too
  4. Dilli Haat – The right place to find handicrafts, antiques, European fashions, rugs and carpets, leather articles, furniture, jewellery and linen and fabrics. And there’s more!
  5. Delhi Metro – The lifeline of Delhi. It gets you anywhere across in a little time and doesn’t cost you much either.

DelhiAnd there are eternal monuments like the India Gate, Purana Qila, Red Fort, and Lotus Temple among others where we can see the rich history of India.

With all these things in one city, it really proves that Delhi is a place for everything, that it has it all, or does it? Well, Delhi has one place for shopping, one for handicrafts and antiques, one for amazing food, one way to travel across the city. Now, it also has one place for all your shipping needs.

GoPigeon is now live in Delhi and going strong. Just like this city, we give you the all-in-one experience to ship your parcel at the easiest of your convenience. You won’t have the need to worry about your shipping needs with us because we simplify business logistics. With our tie-ups with all the courier partners, we will send your shipment through the right courier partner that will deliver at the right time and price.

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Pain points of Surface Logistics

Surface logistics is the prime choice for freight transport in India. That’s because over 60% of all freight movements happen through it, and over 80% of passenger traffic as well. But do these stats mean that road transport is an option one would opt for, blind-folded? Well, it does give you the advantage of door-to-door logistics; there is no denying that fact. It is also the least-cost incurring option as compared to other alternatives, it has an extensive coverage in rural areas too, and it is like a feeder to other modes of transport. The ONLY downside is that its speed is comparatively slow and limited, OR IS IT?

surface logistics

There’s always more than what meets the eye. If you look through the truck driver’s eyes, you will see a clearer picture. The world of surface logistics isn’t all lush-green and rainbows, you will get to see the other side of it.

Here are some things we have seen in the surface logistics industry that you might have never given a thought to.

1.       The roads are just not suitable across seasons. You will find damaged roads that lack repairs and maintenance, and create congestions and traffic. As a matter of fact, India has the second largest road connectivity in the world, but is ranked 87th in the world for its quality.

2.       Because of poor road infrastructure, the average speed of a vehicle in India is about 30 km/hr, as compared to 85 km/hr of the rest of the globe. That’s nearly one-third!

3.       It is not suitable for bulky and long distance journeys. One would only lose time and money behind it.

4.       Because of poor roads, there are higher chances of break-down of the vehicle. It may result due to reasons like increased wear and tear, poor tyre life etc.

5.       The change in freight rates is also irregular. The ever-changing price of fuel is disproportionate to the changes in freight charges.

6.       The toll system is highly unorganised, and there are frequent and increasing delays in check posts. Here is the bulk of money which you may burn out.

7.       Lower average speed means higher duration of the journey. It leads to a steep increase in driver fatigue, which is one of the predominant reasons of accidents in India.

8.       The players in the surface logistics market are highly unorganised. Road transport is largely in the hands of private parties, each with a small fleet of trucks of the single-axle type and owning up to 5 trucks.

We are not implying that road transport should not be preferred, it’s the other way around. But the above challenges show that it is the poor infrastructure and improper rates in the form of freight and tolls that causes a headache for logistics managers. One more thing to know is that surface logistics contributes 1% to the total GDP. Considering that over 60% of the freight business is carried through roads, it is clearly not contributing much to the GDP. But the current government has plans to start halted projects, increase efficiency in constructing roads, and start using cement for construction as it is more durable and easier for repairing, connecting to numerous villages, among others. They have computed that the contribution to GDP can double by the year 2020.

Well, we hope the above visions come to life while we wait for 2020.

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One is Enough: Connect with GoPigeon for all your shipping needs

Simplified business logistics: That’s what we aim to do, that’s what we are known for. At GoPigeon, simplicity is like the phrase ‘Less is the new more’.

Less is more, because simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, as said by Leonardo Da Vinci. Think of it in this way; back in the early 2000s, we carried a mobile phone for calls, a music player for listening to favourite tracks, a Gameboy to play cool games, and a camera to capture moments. Now, it is all jammed into one smartphone. Simple, yet sophisticated.

This is exactly what we are doing for the logistics industry. To understand it better, let us look at how you would manage your logistics needs. The first thing to note is you would not send all your shipments through one courier partner, you will send those through many. Why so? Because you need the fastest delivery options to the most number of places across the world at the best rates. That’s three parameters right there. But a courier partner may fulfil only two out of those three. So you would need to choose the right one for every shipment you want to ship. Can you see things getting complicated for you from here onwards? It isn’t as easy as packing your shipment and getting it picked for delivery by the courier company, or is it?


As you must know, it is. With GoPigeon by your side, you will see how we simplify things. We know the logistics industry well enough to help you choose the right courier partner that will get the shipment delivered at the right place and the right time for the right price. To put it plainly, we have the expertise to manage multiple courier partners that will save you time, money and effort. And unlike anybody else, we also pick your shipments so that you won’t have to move an inch. As of today, we have delivered shipments to over 20,000 pin codes across India (You can read more about this here: Reach the farthest corners via GoPigeon), we offer the best prices in the industry, and we help you track all your shipments through one place (To know more, check this link here: Customised Dashboards – Why do you need it?).

For us, being simple is like the equation

Less (stuff, work, expense) = More (money, time, joy)

We urge you to have one goal to attain simplicity. The goal should no longer be to get more done, but to have less to do.

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Deliver more with GoPigeon

Don’t think there are no second chances. Life always offers you a SECOND CHANCE… It’s called TOMORROW.    — Nicholas Sparks, a well-known novelist, screenwriter and producer

We believe in second chances. Mistakes happen, problems arise, but we never dodge them. Yes, they can be very difficult and tricky, but sometimes it can be as easy as being patient and trying it again. we can do it.png

In the shipping industry, it is a common problem that a shipment is not delivered because of certain unavoidable reasons. Either the shipment reached late to the destination, the shipment got defected, the customer cancelled the order, or the customer did not want it anymore, plain and simple. In such cases, what generally happens is the shipment is returned back to the consignor (the one who sent) who, in the end, incurred a cost that turned into a loss. The process of returning the shipment back to the consignor is known as RTO.

So here was a basic question in front of us: How to reduce RTO?

Let us clear this out first, it is important to do so. Think through a consignor’s point-of-view. First, he loses money; he incurs a cost that did not reap him any benefit whatsoever. Second, he loses a customer; the customer would not think rightly of the consignor and would never return back. Third, he loses time. Too much loss to bear!

That’s why we started calling the end customers ourselves; simple and effective. Here’s what happens. After a failed first try, we call the end customer and get information regarding the reason behind it. If the customer was unavailable to collect the shipment, we ask him for the time slot when he would be available and simply try delivering again. If the customer got a late delivery and did not accept it (because who likes untimely delivery?), we try to convince the customer to accept it and deliver it again.

In a nutshell, we give you one more shot, a second chance. We firmly believe that a mistake made today can be solved TOMORROW. So the next time you come across a feeling that you need another try to get it done, think of us. We will make sure that it will get done.

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5 KPIs for Warehouse Management

warehouse mgmtThe warehouse is a standout amongst the most vital connections of the inventory network. It’s vital to optimize warehouse management operations keeping in mind the end goal to compete with different organizations.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) give you a way to quantify how well you are getting along and make the right adjustments. They allow you to set benchmarks and enhance your business practices. The better you can quantify warehouse functions, the more you can increase output and improve the bottom line. The following are five KPIs to closely monitor in your warehouse:

1.       Precision of Inventory Records

Your ability to meet customer demands relies on your capacity to precisely report inventory. An accurate inventory accounting gives you the capacity to satisfy orders in an opportune way and enhance customer relations. Further, the whole warehouse management team can reduce man hours spent chasing for stock that isn’t there. This cuts overhead expenses and enhance overall revenues.

2.       Capacity

Similarly, capacity itself is an important KPI for improving warehouse management practices. By and large, this KPI covers the sorts of capacity you as of now utilize and have access to. A particular helpful KPI for stock is the “carrying cost of inventory,” which is used to calculate the costs for storage for a certain amount of time. Calculate this by looking at hard costs for labour, freight, storage and insurance.

3.       Receiving

It is the initial move toward guaranteeing all warehouse-related activities are as they should be. There are many specific KPIs associated with the receiving end of the warehouse chain. To put it simply, your KPI goal should be to reduce receiving costs (labour, etc.) and reducing the number of damaged incoming products.

4.       Shipping/Delivery

Similarly vital to proper warehouse management is shipping. It is important to carefully track KPIs at this stage in order to confirm you are meeting customer demands while staying within a reasonable budget. The KPIs for shipping can include cost per shipment, quality (such as damages incurred), the required man-hours to keep procedures moving, and the total time it takes to get merchandise out of your facility and to the customer. Your goal should be to reduce shipping costs and increase shipping speed.

5.       Employee Turnover

Manpower is often the overlooked KPI in warehouse management. In fact, turnover can be a significant marker for how well you are getting along as a warehouse. To get specific KPIs, make a note of the training costs you incur in a given time period, and track the number of employees coming and going. Measure it against actual productivity on the floor. You can use that information to improve the work atmosphere in order to retain employees and ensure quality operations. A good benchmark is to reduce turnover, thus lowering training costs.

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Prepaid & Cash-on-Delivery, we have got it covered

Let’s look at the logistics industry through the simplest of imaginations. To ship the parcel to your customer, you send your delivery boy. He delivers it to the customer. If it is prepaid, then the delivery boy comes back; if not, then he collects the money, comes back and gives it to you. Easy-peasy.

Now imagine that you don’t have a delivery boy, so you ask the courier company to ship the parcel for you. The problem is, the courier company will charge you for their service provided right at the very instant. In a way, you would pay money now and get it back later by charging your customer. Big deal, right?

YES, it is. You are losing accessible cash, your working capital. Would not it be better to pay the shipping charges later, let’s say, at the end of every month? It’s sure that the courier companies won’t help you out with this, and having your own logistics solutions is what you should not even dream about (it’s costly, that’s why!).



There’s a way out of this. You can charge your customer straight away, so that the money comes in from one hand and goes out through the other to the courier companies. But what if your customer doesn’t want to pay in advance? Obviously you cannot ignore him, there are many others like him. For the sake of understanding, when you look into the ecommerce retail industry, you will see that nearly 75% of all the transactions are cash-on-delivery based. That’s 3 out of 4 customers of yours right there. You cannot lose them, but what can you do?

That’s where GoPigeon comes in. We send your parcels through a courier company that is the best fit for you, make sure that the money is collected from the customer, remit the cash-on-delivery back to you, and charge you at the end of the month (or at some other time, you choice!). Be it prepaid delivery or cash-on-delivery, we got it.



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Ugadi & Gudi Padwa

Celebrating Ugadi 2016

India is a land of festivals. Of the 365 days in a year, 360 days have some or the other festival dedicated to it. From these, the Hindu New Year holds a lot of significance. The Hindu New Year is also known as Gudi Padwa which is popularly celebrated as a Maharashtrian New Year. This year it falls on 8th April 2016. To understand this day better, Gudi Padwa is also popularly known as Ugadi.

gudi padwa 1

Ugadi, as known in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, is known by many names such as ‘Samvatsar Padwa’ in Konkani region and among the Kerala Konkanis, ‘Yugadi’ by Konkanis in Karnataka and ‘Gudi Padwa’ in the rest of the Indian regions. This day is celebrated as the Kashmiri New Year ‘Navreh’ by Kashmiri Pandits and ‘Cheti Chand’ by the Sindhi population.

Ugadi – First day of the New Year

Ugadi marks the beginning of the traditional Hindu New Year and it is the first day, i.e. first festival in the month of Chaitra as per the Hindu calendar. The traditional Marathi name for Ugadi is ‘Chaitra Shukla Pratipada’.

How is it celebrated?

Ugadi marks the descent of Spring and therefore, like all festivals in Spring, it is a very colorful one too. It is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur across Maharashtra and in the Konkan regions of Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh.

Rituals of Ugadi

gudi padwa 2

On the day of the New year, people wake up before sunrise to take an auspicious bath before which they apply oil onto their body. A mango-leaf toran is hung at the front door of the house adorned with red flowers. This very auspicious and favorable for good fortune.

Praying to Lord Brahma

Before the Gudi of Gudi Padwa is hoisted, people offer prayers to Lord Brahma. This is because he is the creator of the universe and he created our orderly world out of chaos.

Prayers to Lord

After prayers to Lord Brahma commence, the Gudi is hoisted and Lord Vishnu is propitiated, asking his favors and blessings for the betterment of the family.

Beginning of a new era

gudi padwa 3

It is believed that Ugadi has many religious as well as historical significance. As per Ramayana, it was on this day that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravan and therefore, the whole Kingdom celebrated the beginning of a new era.

Counting Shivaji Maharaj’s victory

As per historians, Gudi is hoisted to pay tribute to the number of victories won by Shivaji Maharaj. It is a symbol of victory. This is why the Gudi is adorned in a yellow cloth, mango leaves, and red flowers. Rangolis are drawn outside people’s homes.

1st day of Shalivahan Calendar

Another tale from history highlights that on this day the Shakas defeated the Huns. Therefore, Ugadi marks the first day of the Shalivahan Calendar.

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