Why does having a Dedicated Customer Support matter?

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It always feels good when somebody who is in your ear, by your side throughout the journey. The feeling is absolutely incredible; you know that you have someone to rely on.

We know this feeling, and that’s why we have a dedicated customer support for all your needs and queries. We think that good customer service isn’t just important, it’s absolutely vital. We have kept customer support as the heart of our business, because we care.

customer support people

Why, you ask? Well, the reason is simple. At one point, all we had was an idea. Then we started a business. Then we had one customer, then two.  For each milestone we crossed, we wouldn’t have progressed to the next unless the customer had a great experience with our team and our product. We didn’t have a track record, but those new customers could judge their experience and decide if they wanted to do business with us.  That’s why we place an emphasis on the customer’s experience in everything we do.

Our customer support team is available round the clock to get back to queries and concerns you may have regarding your shipment. Right from the moment where you send your shipment, the team is actively tracking every movement of your shipment.

Here are a few ways we make customer support experiences to be truly amazing for our customers:

  • We receive and respond to customer support requests via email, phone, social media, form submissions on the website and click to chat. You choose the most convenient way to interact with us and we’ll help you from there.
  • We track and report on what issues customers experience most often (and what features they are requesting). Instead of guessing what we think should be worked on by our development team, we use this information to proactively improve the platform.
  • Every member of our leadership team takes and responds to support requests.

We aren’t just into fixing things that are broken. We believe in improving ourselves and are always open to accept feedbacks and suggestions, be it with regards to our performance or possibility of enhancement in providing a better service than a customer would expect.

customer support

So yes, to sum it up, we want you to know that you can rely on us, for being the best is not enough for us.  To quote Sam Walter, the founder of Wal-Mart, ‘the goal as a company is to have a customer service that is not just the best but LEGENDARY’.

Visit www.gopigeon.in to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices.


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