Creative DIY Ideas to reuse Old Clothes

We like to hold on to our old clothes as they are our favourites, or are gifted by someone special, or have great memories attached with it. We removed these from our wardrobe into the empty boxes, maybe because it lost its shine and colour, or is a little torn or worn-out. But admit it, you won’t just throw these away so easily.

That’s why we want to help you out here with these great nifty ideas that will bring your old clothes back to life (or at least, back to use). And if you do make them right, you can also send them to your friends and family as a gift via us.

Anyways, let’s get started.

  1. T-shirt Produce Bags: These bags are super adorable. It would require an old t-shirt, a sharp scissor and some stitching.

 tshirt produce bags

Source: Delia Creates

  1. Pockets: This functional, yet stylish DIY idea will make sure you never miss out on things that you need the most at crucial times. Use it to keep your pen, highlighter, post-its or ruler handy every time you need them.

pocket holder 1pocket holder 2

  1. T-shirt Tote bags: This is a great way to use favourite but ill-fitting t-shirts! Re-purpose it and easily turn the t-shirt into a re-usable tote bag.

 tshirt tote bags

  1. Fabric Yarn Wall-hangings: You will go gaga over these gorgeous wall hangings that would add crafty character to any modern home. Go ahead by adding extra charm with a string of metallic beads.

 fabric wall hangings

  1. T-shirt tassel: 15 minutes is all you need to make this wonderful décor. Use this to tie up the curtains, hang it on the door knob, make many of these and showcase, or make a small one and use it for a keychain.

 tshirt tassel

Source: MyPoppet

  1. Braided Belt: Want another great way to use old T-shirts? Well…how about a braided belt? It’s pretty easy. The part that takes the most time is the braiding really.

 braided belt

Source: Delia Creates

  1. Braided Headbands: This becomes a life saver when you are having a bad hair day. Beautiful, stylish and comfortable, you will definitely fall in love with this.

 braided headbands

  1. Braided Slippers: Summer’s coming, and so is the season of flip-flops. This slippers are amazing to put on, and are washable too!

 braided tshirt slippers

  1. Braided Basket: To make this, it will take you a lot of time, effort and t-shirts. But it comes in handy to store toys or even dirty clothes. The size of the basket depends on the number of t-shirts you have to work with. More t-shirts, bigger will be the basket.

 braided basket

Source: Apartment Therapy

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