Creative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Ideas to reuse Cardboard

Question: What is one thing in common among online shoppers, home appliance buyers and new-home movers? CARDBOARD, lots of it.

Yes. Look back in your past and you will know how much cardboard have you gotten hold of and have either thrown it out or are using it to store those extra stuff in your home. How can you make use of it? Well, you don’t need to think outside the box, you just need to see the potential of the box.

We are here to help you with some creative ideas. Although, as the list goes on, you may need to put up more and more effort. However, you will undoubtedly get flabbergasted with these ideas.

  1. Plant Pot: Beautiful, eco-friendly, easy to make. This idea is for all the people with a green thumb. Do put in a thin plastic sheet inside the cardboard pot and poke some holes to let the excess water flow through.

 cardboard planter

  1. Laptop Stand: This easy-to-create DIY laptop stand will add some extra height to your screen, improve your computing posture and save you money. Building your own cardboard stand is simple.

 cardboard laptop stand

  1. Mobile Projector: The best moments are always captured by your smartphone camera, but viewing that footage or those photos on a tiny smartphone screen can sometimes be a little annoying. With some cardboard, a magnifying glass and some craft, you will have a portable theatre screen.

 cardboard mobile projector

  1. Wall Pockets: No home feels complete without a little wall decor, and what better way to decorate your city digs than with art that doubles as storage! Wall pockets are the next big thing, when it comes to wall décor with practicality and a touch of creativity.

 cardboard wall pockets

  1. Electronic Cardboard Creatures: Make a dog, cat, giraffe, a bird or any other creature and place a digital clock or an image player, and you will have yourself a cute show piece that will have your visitors go aww!

 cardboard electronic creature

  1. Cardboard Home Décor: These butterfly ceiling hangings are adorable to look at. You can make other things like lamps, wall clocks, photo frames and many more.

 cardboard home decor

  1. Angry Birds Gaming Project: Admit it, even though you don’t play angry birds anymore, you would love to go for this. You would need to work a lot, but it’s simple. You just need to make boxes of different sizes and cover them with printouts of the characters, and a slingshot. You can get them from the internet.

 cardboard angry birds

  1. Stackable Shelves: It gets really tricky from here onwards. Shelves are old school. Stackable shelves are the new thing. You can place each shelf anywhere you want; on top of the other or aside each other. It’s like LEGO, but with space to store something.

 carboard shelve

  1. Cardboard Foosball Table: Ever played foosball? If not then you must start. It is expensive to buy one in the market, but it is really cheap to make one with cardboard. You will have lots of fun with it, but be gentle.

 cardboard foosball table

  1. A little home for the little one: Gone are the times of making fortresses with blankets. Take a step ahead and build a home for the little master/miss. A bedroom, a kitchen playset and a living room full of toys, and the little one will have an amazing childhood story to share.

 cardboard home

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