Don’t wait for special occasions to gift something. Surprise your family and friends.

One doesn’t need to gift on the Special Day to surprise another. It’s the thought behind the gift that brings the true meaning of surprise.

First and foremost, let’s look at why we give gifts.

May be it’s a tradition like giving gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, festivals; or you want to mark milestones and achievements, or you want to give it as a token of appreciation, or for some cause.

But here’s the real question: Why should there be a reason to give gifts? One can simply give a gift just like that, right? YES! And it is also the best kind of gift. It truly brings a genuine sense of surprise on the face, just like the face of Mr. Bean (Actor Rowan Atkinson) in the movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday when he found the lottery ticket number 919.

mr bean suprised

We believe that surprises can be ‘surprising’ when you put in your thoughts and a personalised touch to the gift. That’s why we are here to help you with some unique and creative ideas which would need your effort to make them as the perfect surprise gift.

  • Mix tape USB drive: Music is the best way to express yourself without saying a word. Just pick their favourite songs, create a playlist and add it into a USB drive. You can also put some extra effort like customising the USB drive by adding some special message on it.
usb drive
  • Your skills: Are you really good at arts and craft? Make something. Have a knack for singing? Take them to a karaoke. Are you a video-making enthusiast? Shoot a beautiful video like a testimonial. Use your natural talents, be original, and have fun.
  • Prepare a favourite family recipe: Simple idea, but it will put a big smile on your family’s face. But remember, keep it a surprise, don’t go around asking for the recipe. You need to know it well.

 food recipe'

  • Food for friends that they love but don’t buy or can’t find: Is your friend living away from home and can’t find his favourite food? Or is he/she just a miser? You know what you have to do.


  • A bottle of their favourite drink: Be it wine, whiskey, scotch or something else, there’s always a time to enjoy our favourite drink with our favourite person. Rest assured, you will be the favourite person.


  • A nice glass: A fine person, with a fine taste of drink, loves a fine collection of glasses. It adds up to their stunning collection. Buy a pair of glasses, you might need one the next time you go and share a drink.


  • Electronic Accessories: Gift them something simple and inexpensive as a Bluetooth headset or speaker, an external battery pack, a pair of good headphones or a wireless charger.


  • Clothes: There’s a sweet feeling that one gets when they put on a dress, shirt or a jacket that you gifted them. It’s the simplest idea, it would test your taste of fashion for them, and it isn’t too expensive. Be ready to get a lot of love if you get it just right.


  • Personal gift basket: Now this idea would need a lot of thinking. It needs to start with a gift basket and end with a wrap and a sweet message. Whatever you add in the basket, make sure that those are useful for day to day use.

personalised gift basket

  • Movie night basket: With this, you will end up watching a great movie with a fine drink, some popcorn and a memory you won’t forget.

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