Got items left from the wedding? Get those picked and shipped by GoPigeon

Weddings last long. After all, one must socialise with guests the size of an ‘army’, dance like there is no tomorrow, and eat and drink like Kumbhakarna. At the end of the wedding, all that one would want to do is go home, get into pyjamas and sleep like a baby. But that never happens, because there are things you need to clear out from the wedding venue. The contractors would take away the decorations, the chairs, tables, cutlery and everything else, yet you still are left with some things.

Well, worry not! We are there to take care of it, because we pick, we pack and we ship. Basically we do the whole thing for you. Nice, right? So let’s look at the things that are always left at the end of the wedding.


  1. Food: Always! How many weddings can you remember where there wasn’t any food left or wasted? We think that these leftovers can be fed to the needy and the poor. We can pack them and send them to NGOs, Old age homes or temples, wherever you can find people who would relish tasty food.


  1. Alcohol and other beverages: These are expensive and really hard to carry. We will make sure that these are delivered to your doorstep, every drop of it!


  1. Flowers: You would want those beautiful flower baskets and bouquets back at your place. The whole place just livens up and they smell so good. We will get them all too for you, all fresh and sweet-smelling. Got too many of these? Well, we recommend you to donate those to old age homes, orphanages and hospitals. You will be glad once you would know that you have put smiles on many faces with that small gesture.


  1. Gifts and return gifts: Gifts, gifts and more gifts. The bride and the groom are showered with these gifts that a van could be filled with these, easily. And what about the return gifts for the guests who couldn’t show up? We will get them all for you and ship them safe with uttermost care, just like a gift should. Big or small, in the end, all gifts are precious!

If we missed out on anything else, do let us know by commenting on this article, or mentioning it on our facebook page. We will get them too for you.

Visit to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices.


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