Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Life is full of Give and Take. Give thanks and Take nothing for granted.

Yes, your friends and family will always be there for you. They will be there at the best of times and the worst of times, they will pick you up when you fall, and they will give their all for you. And why not, they will be there too at the biggest moment of your life, your Wedding. And what better way is there to thank them by than with a memorable return gift!

The bride and the groom carry a special power, the magic of good fortune. So they pass along their good fortune to their friends and family by the way of return gifts.

And we are here to help you find the right kind of gift to show your love and care towards them.

For Family:

  1. Idols of God: It is the most auspicious gift that one can gift to their family. It make them feel special and blessed. The idols can be made of clay, wood, or even crystal.

idol of hindu god

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  1. Vaastu and Feng Shui Items: These items bring positivity and lots of energy in one’s life, showing that you wish for your family’s happiness and prosperity. You can opt from various options like wind chimes, laughing Buddha, lucky crystals, a pair of romantic Mandarin birds, a pair of Chinese guardian lions or anything else.

vaastu and feng shui

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  1. Handmade Henna Candles: Candles have forever been known to be a great decorative item. Add some Henna designs on it and voila! You will get a showpiece that your family would love it. And these aren’t expensive either!

Henna candle

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  1. Paintings: Another great decorative item to have. And there are so many options to choose from. It is easily available at a gift shop too! You can go ahead and personalise by gifting a painting of yours with them.


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  1. Decorated Earthen Pots: These are available in various shapes and designs. You can get colourful ones, traditionally designed, or having a painting on them. Crystal vase would work too!

pot 1pot 2

Image Courtesy: (left)


  1. Photo Frames: Just make sure that you have seen through all the designs. There are so many designs made of wood, glass, handcrafted or gold-plated. It is one of the most gifted items, as it gives an indication that you would love to store a beautiful memory on their walls.

photo frames

Image Courtesy:


  1. Potli Bags with Dry Fruit or Chocolates: OH! Who doesn’t like chocolates? And dry fruit? Gift these in an attractively designed Potli bag and they will be flattered.

potli bags

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  1. Personalised Gift Ideas: Gifts can be personalised to give that touch of extra love and affection towards your family. It will take a toll on your effort and creativity, but you will be glad you do it, that is for sure!

personalised gift

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For Friends:

  1. Miniature alcohol sets: Remember those parties where you shared drinks with your friends, be it beer or a vintage scotch. Well you can gift them these sets to let them know that the party isn’t getting over anytime soon!

miniature alcohol set

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  1. Hangover kit: That’s right! You love your friends. You care for them enough to be there to help them with their hangover. But these kits will make sure that they get well soon and you be with your spouse. Now that’s a win-win!

hangover kit

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  1. Tea and Coffee samples: Have a friend who doesn’t drink? No worries. You can still gift him/her a tea and coffee sampler. He/she definitely drinks tea or coffee, right? RIGHT?

tea and coffee sampler

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  1. Personalised cupcakes, cookies and chocolates: Everybody loves cupcakes, cookies and chocolates. Personalise it by adding their names on the package of the chocolate bar or cookie box, and they will love you till the end!

peronalised cupcakes

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  1. Jams, sauces and honey jars: This is especially for those kind of friends with whom you lived together for a while. And if so, then there would have been times when you had bread and jam only. Gift them their favourite jar of jam and do have it with them later.

Three Jam jar isolated

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  1. Unisex jewellery: This is for the bros and the BFFs out there. It is the sign of being by their side forever.
unisex jewellery


This wedding season, gift your family and friends something that would make them remember you. You can spell the moment by giving them the perfect gift and surely an unusual one. Send your gifts through GoPigeon.

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