20 Simple ways to keep the magic of Valentine’s Day alive throughout the month of February


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your Heart ♥

– Winnie the Pooh

You would have celebrated this Valentine’s Day with your partner and made it extra special. A series of adorable gifts, a fancy lunch and/or dinner, a great drive somewhere out of your city, or something even better than these. It was the day where you expressed your love for your partner. But we believe, and so does Winnie, that small things matter the most. And that’s why we are here to help you keep the magic alive of Valentine’s Day throughout the month of February with simple, creative and delightful ideas. And the best part? It would not hurt your pockets at all, it would just need an extra effort.

So here are 20 things that we think are great ideas to do after Valentine’s Day for your special one:


  1. Give them something of yours that reminds you of them.
  1. Send them a text that reads, “Thought of you today and it made me smile.”
  1. Make a playlist of their favourite songs, burn them in a CD or make a mixtape.


Image Courtesy: houstonpress.com

  1. Go out on a walk and listen to their life’s stories.
  1. Carve your initials in a tree.
  1. Write an old fashioned love letter. Be romantic and lavish. Have some fun with it.
  1. Write a love poem for them.
  1. Write a message in a bottle.

message in a bottle

Image Courtesy: notonthehighstreet.com

  1. Blindfold surprise. Blindfold your partner and drive them to the place where you had your first date, and have that date all over again!
  1. Invent a meal and name it after them.
  1. Take a walk on the beach together. Run up ahead and write a message in the sand, and then call your partner to see what you “found.”

message in the sand

Image Courtesy: fiverr.com

  1. Watch a movie of their choice for the movie night.
  1. Introduce your partner to your friends and family. It’s a way to show that you mean a lot to them and how proud you are for them.
  1. Share a secret with them that you have never shared with anyone in your life, and trust that they will keep it.

share a secret

Image Courtesy: salon.com

  1. Tag along with them for an activity they do but you don’t like. It might be shopping or playing video games.
  1. Teach them how to do something that you love. And be patient, because the fact that they are trying and listening is already wonderful enough.
  1. Be childlike. Nobody can express love the way children do. Draw something on a piece of paper, something like two stick figures with a big heart in between them. Be creative and spontaneous.
  1. Give them a picture of you for their wallet that says “I love you.”
  1. Come up with a new way of saying ‘I Love You’ to each other.
  1. Most importantly, hold their hands, thank them for everything, say that you love them, lean closer to them and go for the kiss!

holding hands and kissing

Simple, right? Now go and try them with your partner, you will be glad you did it. And yes, from the team of GoPigeon, we wish you a Happy February, the month of Love.

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