Why is valentine’s day celebrated

You don’t know what it’s like

To love somebody, to love somebody,

The way I love you.

  • By Bee Gees, from the album Bee Gees’ 1st (1967)

‘If only you knew how much I love you!’ How many times have you thought of this inside your clueless mind? As if you just can’t walk the last mile. You walked around under the hot sun, but can’t make it to see the beautiful sunset.

Sometimes, you think to yourself“Let’s do it on Valentine’s Day”. But why on Valentine’s Day? What is it about that day? Was that day casted by a magic spell, or struck with an arrow by a love cupid? Maybe.

So let’s get into the worldly facts.

Many legends state many stories. There are about three different saints whose names were either Valentine or Valentinus, as recognised by the Catholic Church. One legend states that Valentine was a priest who served under Emperor Claudius II during the third century. When the Emperor decided to outlaw marriage for young men because it was considered that married men did not make better soldiers than single men, it was St. Valentine who took up the task of creating successful love stories by marrying the young lovers. But it soon caught the ear of the Emperor, who ordered him to be put to death.

Other legend states that St. Valentine himself had sent the very first valentine greeting to the girl he fell in love with, when he was imprisoned. His last letter had an expression ‘From your Valentine’, which is still used today.

While some believe in the above legends, others claim that, at around 2nd century, the Pagan Festival of Lupercalia needed to be ‘Christianised’, and that’s why the Christian Church marked St. Valentine’s feast day to be celebrated in mid-February, or February 15. By 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th February to be St. Valentine’s Day as the Lupercalia festival was deemed “un-Christian”.

Charles, Duke of Orleans, had written a poem sometime during 1415 to his wife when he was captured at the Battle of Agincourt and imprisoned in the Tower of London. It is the oldest known Valentine greeting yet. Over the course of his 25 years of imprisonment, he wrote as much as 60 love poems for his beloved wife. Luckywifey!

It is still unclear why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but here’s what we know. Every person deserves someone who would love unconditionally, put in efforts way out of their limits, and go through that last mile. If it is February 14 that you are waiting to express yourself, then check the calendar. Only 5 more days are left. We knowyou would be having cold feet,your heart would be pounding, your ever-so-smart brain wouldn’t be working out on what to do on this Valentine’s Day for that special one, but remember – You’ll never know what you were looking for, till you hear the voices in your head!Gopigeon1.png


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