Late delivery of goods

Delivery issues are a huge burden for customers. There is sheer amount of time wasted- either waiting in for parcels that don’t arrive or waiting in call queues trying to chase up deliveries.

So you’ve ordered something and you’ve been told that the delivery will take place today. You wait patiently (then impatiently) but the delivery boy is a no-show. You then get frustrated and end up calling the seller or the courier company. If you’ve ordered a present for your friend and it doesn’t arrive on time, you obviously get annoyed. If you’ve ordered a dress for a function and it doesn’t arrive on time, it ruins your function.


Let’s get to know RiaKhanna. Ria ordered a dress for New year’s eve on 24th December 2015. The e-commerce company informed her that her dress would arrive in 3 working days. 4 days passed by and there was no news about the delivery of her dress. On 29th, she looked into the website of the courier company. The tracking details were not updated.

She made multiple calls to the company. She was told that she should receive her dress on 31st. She didn’t receive it on 31st and she had to manage with something else for her party. She finally received her dress on 3rd January 2016, which was pointless.

There are a lot of Rias who face this problem today. Late delivery of goods is a nightmare.The first thing you need to know is that when you order anything from a website, you are entering into a contract (even if it is unwritten). The delivery of your goods forms part of that contract.

So, if your delivery date has long passed, contact your retailer. Ultimately, they are responsible for supplying you with the items you’ve paid for.If your parcel is late or doesn’t turn up, you have every right to scream at the retailer.


The good news is that you can fight back. If you approach the problem the right way, you might evenwin some compensation.

At Gopigeon, you cantrack your shipment’s progress right from the time it leaves your home. You can keep a close watch on all your order status through your GoPigeon panel. All you need to do is click on the order number to keep a track of your orders.We offer 24*7 customer care to address any issues you might have while using our services.

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