Congratulate the bride and groom on their wedding!

Weddings in India have a regal touch. With extravagantly done wedding halls, weddings are accompanied with profligate wedding gifts. Wedding gifts are integral to weddings in India and elsewhere. If you have a family member or friend who is getting married shortly, you need to figure out a perfect wedding gift. Here are some suitable wedding gifts for the groom and bride. 

Gourmet gift basket: Gourmet gift baskets are the easiest things you can go for. You can put together delicious add-ons like fine dark chocolate with liquor, candies, gourmet bread, bottled olives, tasty cheese varieties and so on. A bottle of fine wine or champagne can be added to the basket. A gourmet gift basket is a great option and can be even more fun if you know the couples’ preferences in food and drinks.

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A Spa voucher: A wedding in India is like a long festival, which lasts for almost a week. Various activities related to the wedding preparations tires up the couple, and it remains for a long time even after the wedding is over. So, here is an indulgence that any newlywed couple would like to enjoy, a spa voucher. It is actually a good gift to combat tiredness, stress and leave the couple fresh, rejuvenated and ready to start a new life with full vigor.

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The perfect post-wedding date: Usually a big fat Indian wedding takes a major toll on the couple. A newlywed couple is always willing to spend some memorable time together and you can give them this opportunity by booking a table for candle light dinner in a classy restaurant.  It will help them reconnect as a couple and relish their best memories from the wedding days.


Photographic memory: As the time is changing, people love to receive the gifts that are personalized or show that the person giving gift has put some thought into it. A gift that has a thought behind it is always loved and valued forever. And, the best way to do so is to gift the couple something that they would not only cherish themselves, but would also love to show-off; like gifts personalized with their photographs.


Personalized bottle of alcohol: Whether it’s a bottle of Champagne with the happy couple’s names or a bottle of aged whisky, remember the big day with a personalized bottle of alcohol. Champagne is a very popular and acceptable gift in any wedding to celebrate special events such as weddings and anniversaries. Give the bride and groom what they need once the excitement of the big day has died down and they have a moment to themselves. Pair it with sophisticated champagne flutes for the newlyweds.


Silver plated candlesticks: Silver plated candlesticks, both dramatic and classic, would make a great addition to anyone’s dining table or mantle top and a stylish way to illuminate your home. Wrap a few up with a selection of beautiful beeswax candles.


Fine dinnerware: Another tried, tested and true wedding gift is either fine china or fancy dinnerware that the newlyweds can whip out on special occasions and for entertaining. Opt for a classic style that will serve them well for a lifetime. Cheese knives will make the couple’s serve ware collection complete. The white marble handles are classic and will go with any elegant dining room decor.


Cameras and Selfie Stand: Gifting a camera with selfie stand can be ideal gift for any couple during their honeymoon. They can capture special moments together which they can take for many years. A high-quality DSLR camera makes a great option but this may be expensive option or you can choose a less-expensive compact one.


Designer Pendulum Wall Clock: The Designer Pendulum wall clock will add a unique element to the couple’s bedroom. A lovely vintage clock will bring a bit of antique artistry to their home. The swinging style pendulum makes this pendulum clock unique from others and will capture the attention of anyone who sees it.


Cotton linens and towels: A huge number of couples choose to include bed linen on their bridal gift registries, from quilts and quilt covers, to sheets and blankets. Perhaps it’s a throwback to the idea of the marital bed. There’s something wonderful about starting married life with brand new bed linen, especially if it is high quality Egyptian cotton, or a similarly luxurious material. The gift of embroidered towels is something that will be cherished for a long time. Every time the bride and groom use their personalized towels they are reminded of your kindness.


This wedding season, gift your near and dear ones something that would make them remember their big day. You can spell the moment by giving them a perfect gift and surely an unusual one. Send your gifts through Gopigeon.

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