Wedding Invitations

Wedding undoubtedly is a matter of huge expense. As you tie your knots, you make a lot of important arrangements. One of the most crucial things that you should not forget is the invitation card. Choosing your invitation card along with the prints is a taste of creativity that reflects in your wedding planning.  

Every couple wishes for unique wedding cards design. It reflects the personality, style and wedding theme. Many guests have different perception about wedding invitation. By looking at it, some may have perception of high profile wedding. Some may perceive it as a normal wedding.


Most wedding cards featured these days are taken from the contemporary galleries. Identify a conceivable design that can make it to the heart of the guests. It is imperative to do bit of research on fashion styles, engineering and origami.

Indian Wedding Invites have always been the same-old! White & Gold, elegant cream, damask patterns and for those living on the edge, an occasional pop of color on the insert. 


People still follow customary ways of inviting friends and relatives but with modern methods. The wedding cards are no longer difficult to send as there is now the option of e-cards. Wedding cards can be customized online and can be sent to many friends and relatives. This method of inviting people has made the whole process much easier to execute.


Wedding invitations are unique as they mark the beginning of a beautiful journey. Wedding invitation is a taste of what the wedding would be like. Wishing everyone a spectacular wedding season! Send out your invitations and love through Gopigeon.

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