Gopigeon to the rescue.

The field of logistics is complex and constantly evolving. Thanks to technology and innovations, there is improvement in processes and services. Hundreds and thousands of companies provide ancillary services. A good logistics service is a valuable resource for any business enterprise.  These enterprises keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the industry.

Poor infrastructure and lack of skilled labor affects a business’s ability. Consumer goods cannot be manufactured or delivered in tier-3 cities and rural towns. High-tech companies cannot serve their community without dependable tech availability.

Let’s get to know GouriKumari. Gouri had a small scale business of handicrafts. She was based in the outskirts of Bangalore. Due to lack of technology and logistics services in her area, she was unable to ship her products. She found it difficult to manage her family and work at the same time.  She then came across a pamphlet about Gopigeon. Gopigeon is a one stop solution to all your shipping needs.


Gouri contacted the dedicated Gopigeon team. Following are the value propositions she was offered.

  1. As a partner, she was offered a free dashboard. There is easy integration in all leading market places and ecommerce platforms. She could sync and import orders on the Gopigeon dashboard at one go and start shipping.
  2. Their innovative tracking system caught Gouri’s attention. The order status changed automatically as soon as it changes from ‘in-transit’ to ‘shipped’ to ‘delivered’.
  3. Maximum payment options. Prepaid and cash on delivery options were included.
  4. A reliable customer support was available to resolve any problem faced while using Gopigeon.
  5. A single package or thousands of shipments in a day, Gouri could ship anything. There was no minimum shipment required. She now enjoys the same discounted rates on all shipments by using the major courier companies in India.
  6.      Gopigeon’s intelligent algorithm helpedGouri choose the best courier company in minimum price.

Thus, Gouri successfully partnered with Gopigeon. A Gopigeon representative arrives at her doorstep. She now manages to ship 150 products every day to her customers. She successfully manages to take care of her family and business.


Visit to post your queries. Send your parcels across the world at lowest prices. 


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