6 Things We Recommend to Gift This New Year’s

Look who’s already here? It’s 2016! Seems like yesterday when we were welcoming 2015 and it’s already over! Time flies so fast, doesn’t it?! Well, that’s why we here, at GoPigeon, value your time and ensure the fastest deliveries at very reasonable rates which will surely bring
a smile on someone’s face.

Here are a few gifts that we personally recommend to kickstart someone’s 2016 with a warm smile and a happy heart!


1. Colourful Woollens


Don’t let your loved ones fall sick as the winter chills run around. That’s not how they’d like to start their New Year’s now, would they? No matter how far they are, spread some warmth and love with some beautiful woollens that’ll surely bring a smile on their face. #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

2. A Bottle of Wine


“The older it is, the better it gets.”Show how much you care this New Year’s by gifting a good, old bottle of wine! It’s elegant and exclusive but most of all, it’s super tasty and is sure to make anyone’s day! #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

 3. Homemade Treats3.jpg










There’s no right time to fill someone with a little sugar! It’s the perfect way to express your love for another and of course, sending them a few homemade treats is the best New Year’s gift of all times! Show them how much you miss them and that distance only brings you closer. #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

4. Polaroid Camera


What better gift than one that helps make memories that can be remembered years later through these beautiful captured moments on a film? Yes, polaroid cameras are an all rage now and make the perfect New Year’s gift. They’re a tad bit expensive too but what’s a little cost for the smile of the ones you love? #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

5. DIY Calendar


This New Year’s, gift your special someone a calendar- not the dull, boring calendar, of course, but one with the all the special dates marked, reminding them of those sweet memories from the past. It not only shows how much you care and remember but will also bring a huge smile on their face, that’s for sure! It’s a simple DIY gift that we think is the most precious. #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

6. Pocket Watch


Did your dad or a friend just take the deadly resolution of being on time wherever they go starting 2016? Well, show your support by gifting them a pocket watch! Pocket watches are classy and make a wonderful gift for men. #share-e-smile this New Year’s through GoPigeon!

Use the GoPigeon app to share love hassle free. Install the app, click a snap of what you want to courier, call our messenger pigeons and they will come to your doorsteps to collect.

All you need to do is to Download the app at Google play store: http://bit.ly/1PYvXRx and follow these 3 simple steps:

  •    Snap a picture of your package/ shipment
  •        Enter the details of the recipient
  •    Choose a service from the various options available

Share the light! Share-e-smile!



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