7 things to courier on Christmas

Amidst some shaken beliefs of secularism and intolerance, Christmas knocks our doors, and the whole nation, with a mere 2.3% of the Christian population, unites once again to be primped up with all the ornaments of light, hope and joy.

It’s the propensity of human nature which makes these emotions so infectious that it becomes a biological need for us to share them.
A tiny bit of nostalgia, a redundant reminder of someone’s presence in your life, these are how simple a source of joy can be. Fortunately, with pigeon, it is even simpler to express. So these Christmas lets send some boxful of joy.
To get you started, here are some ideas,

  1. Some captured treasures: Baby Shahana has managed to balance her 1st few steps last week, then the bitter taste of a stuffed toy limb changed her mind. The grandparents could not witness this precious moment. Though the most expensive frame with a photograph cannot make up for that, but there is nothing more that the old couple could have imagined as a Christmas gift.


2.    Some colour for the colourful: You have known him so less, you haven’t loved him enough. Yet when your nephew sees you once in a year and jumps and knots his arms around your neck, it feels like a fraction of your heart is what this bundle of joy is made up of. A colourful treat is what fits the best for him, isn’t it


3.  A little touch of yours: Your warmth was the best thing about the winter for her. That’s why the hugs were, even more, addictive in this season.That’s why a little touch of love should be the 1st attempt to compensate for your absence on this Christmas. Words aren’t always essential. Pour your heart into something, and it will take its shape.


4.  Something for a teacher: You owe your achievements to him, may be you owe much more. But he never wanted that recognition. Your success has always been his contentment. So this Christmas, a small gesture of gratitude is the least that is worth your effort. And when you know his love for gardening, a bonsai is a perfect gift for him.


5.  A ‘cheers’ for a buddy: She has always been the best listener of your relentless naggings. With the clinking glasses you opened up like a book to her, yet not once she judged you. She helped you collect yourself when you were broken. So this Christmas, be there for her. Sometimes, she too needs a glass of wine and a set of ears.


6.  To look after them: You are what you are today because of them. If there is one thing that’s pure in this world, it’s the selfless strides they took to fill your life with all the comfort in the world. But the old bones have run long ways. So, it’s your turn now to make life easier for them. The winter can play rough on them. Send them a comforter. It will look after them on your behalf, till you are there.


7.  Something to say ‘I care’: So your Bahiya’s New Year resolution is going to be to quit smoking. And everyone knows how difficult that is. But, it hasn’t been easy either for him to keep a constant eye on you in all those growing years and keeping you on the right track. He always knew what the best was for you. But sometimes, he too needs someone to make him do what’s right. So for a change, switch positions and become the elder. And to constantly remind him about the commitment he made, send him something in contrast.


We live in the digital era, distance never came in the way of being in touch for us, it’s only the intention that fuels relationships. So this Christmas, blow the dust off the surface of some precious belongings. Remind them that you aren’t far. Light up someone special with joy and it will fill your heart.

Use the GoPigeon app to share love hassle free. Install the app, click a snap of what you want to courier, call our messenger pigeons and they will come to your doorsteps to collect.

All you need to do is to Download the app at Google play store: http://bit.ly/1PYvXRx and follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Snap a picture of your package/ shipment
  • Enter the details of the recipient
  • Choose a service from the various options available

Share the light! Share-e-smile!


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