Top 7 reasons to courier in winter

Hey, it’s that season again, the chilly, cosy season of blessings, resolutions, and thanksgivings. The season that used to bring the entire family under one blanket when we were growing up.That’s how winter brought warmth in our lives, each and every time.

But nothing has been the same since those kids grew up and started to chase their dreams. So many plants have been uprooted in search of a new soil. The digital era may claim to have brought people closer, but the void of the special ones are still felt. Probably the ‘winter’ is when it pinches even more. An unplanned sudden trip may sound as the best solution, but it’s not always a convenient one.

So for the time being, send a pigeon. Our messenger pigeons will carry your touch to your loved ones anywhere in the world, and it will still be as warm. To get you started, here are some ideas to wrap the love with-

1. Hand Knitted Woolens: For a mother, it’s her duty to worry about her son, especially in the winter. He has a tendency to catch the cold in these early days. Without your badgering, he may forget wearing sweaters. A hand knitted sweater or a muffler doesn’t only keep him in your warmth but also reminds him to take care of himself on your behalf.


2. Winter wears for Dad: Dad does not have the best taste in clothes, honestly, he doesn’t even care much. So all the suits he had were your choices. He loved the smallest things his princess used to buy for him. Now that princess has started earning, the grey woollen three piece suit you saw in that mall last week will be even more precious, won’t it?


3. Grandma’s home-made pickles: It has been ages that the kids graduated from school. Grandma’s place is not that loud any more on the winter vacations. The nuisance on the stairways, the kite contests on the terrace and the play fights in the garden, it all stopped long back. But those grown up kids still long for the spiced up evenings with grandma’s pickles. Send some jars full of memories, because kids are still kids.


4. Leather boots for Choti: How priding being a style icon was for your younger sister while growing up? Though your clothes used to be stolen and you had to hide the special ones, It still was pretty cool, wasn’t it? But ‘choti’ has not been that demanding lately, another side effect of growing up. Yet you can see her jumping and screaming while she tears up the wrap on those leather boots, which you have your eyes on. Choti deserves it for being ’good’ for so long.


5. Something for ‘her’: She, basically, turns into a bubble of joy and pops up for every small gesture of yours. You may think that it makes finding her the perfect gift even harder. But that’s the beauty, every gift coming from you is the perfect gift. Since you know how much fond of white chocolates she is, a box full of the love can complete her Christmas.


6. The blanket he forgot: The son is spending his first winter in his hostel this year, far away from home. You still remember how much dependent on his dad he was, even a few months ago when he was shifting. To see what a responsible young man he is turning out to be fills a father’s heart with joy. Yet giving up worrying is tough. So, what if he can buy a blanket from his own locality, he is still not too old to receive one from home.


7. And something for the Bros: The two week long winter leather expo from Nepal has to be celebrated with some shopping. And, who does not have that one guy friend who is crazy about leathers. It may have been tough to hang out lately. Thanks to social media, you know that he is still that drama king from school. Some cool accessories sent anonymously will definitely be a huge surprise for him. Our lives may have branched away in different directions, but people we share our roots with deserve the most special treatments in the world. So pick up your phone, install the app, and give a call to our messenger pigeons. Because sharing love has become completely hassle free.


GoPigeon is an on-demand courier service app that provides you with the simplest and most efficient way to ship your parcels anywhere you want! So don’t worry about packaging and courier offices anymore. Just snap a picture of your parcel and enter the destination. Our highly trained Pigens will arrive at your doorstep and do the rest!

All you need to do is to Download the app at Google play store: and follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Snap a picture of your package/ shipment
  • Enter the details of the recipient
  • Choose a service from the various options available

Share the light! Share-e-smile!


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