7 Alternate Uses of Bubble Wrap

We’re all adults until somebody brings out the bubble wrap. Ever started unwrapping a parcel and found yourself popping bubbles an hour later, not having given a single thought to the contents of the box? Don’t worry, it’s not that uncommon.


Turns out bubble wrap is more versatile than we ever imagined! Here are 7 practical uses of bubble wrap other than protecting fragile items while shipping:


1. Keeping produce bruise-free

No matter how careful you are, some of your grocery always ends up banging against the counter or fridge and getting squishy. Wrap some bubble wrap around delicate produce like tomatoes, bananas and peaches to keep the from bruising.



2. Insulation

Bought something from the cold storage? Use bubble wrap to keep your ice cream or peas from melting and thawing out during the ride back home.



3. Portable air mattress

Keep a sheet or two of bubble wrap under your sleeping bag to make it instantly more comfortable. Now camping out won’t come with a complimentary back ache! You can even make a cheap makeshift bed for your pets.



4. Handbag stuffer

No need to buy expensive handbag shapers any more! Stuff some bubble wrap in your handbag or purse to help it keep its shape when not in use. Or when you are carrying an empty purse just because it matches your outfit.



5. Maintaining temperature

Just like saving your ice cream from melting on the way back home, you can use bubble wrap to keep your coffee warm too! Wrap some of it around to keep warm drinks warm or cold drinks cold.

6. Making flower floats

You must be beginning to think that bubble wrap is magical by now! Well, it just may be. Cut a small hole in a disc of bubble wrap and insert the stem of a flower into the hole. The flower will float much better now and you can have a fancy centrepiece for your table without spending a bomb!



7. Popping!

This is arguably the best use for bubble wrap. Some not-so-legitimate studies have shown that popping bubble wrap relieves stress. Whether that’s true or not, it’s fun and I bet you can’t pop just one!



8. Bonus tip

I’m throwing in an extra use just for kicks but let’s keep it between us! Bubble wrap stuffed in an envelope can serve as a temporary pillow for an emergency nap in the office. Not that you sleep in the office, of course.


Before you try out all these poppin’ amazing ideas, here’s a scene I’m sure all of us remember!

Know any other uses for bubble wrap? Let us know in the comments below!



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