5 Awesome Diwali Gifts to Send Home

Share Diwali with your loved ones even if you’re away from home!

I’m sure a lot of us are a little too familiar with living alone, away from our family and friends. Most of us go where our career takes us. And inevitably, we miss our near and dear. This is especially emphasized during holidays and festivals.

With Diwali just around the corner, minds are wandering and hearts are longing to be back home. Remember when you would fight with your siblings over who got to light the fireworks? Or rush back inside the house to stuff you mouth full of sweets? My personal favourite was setting up diyas all over the house. Nothing beats the mental satisfaction of
seeing the whole house lit up!
So what better time to let your family know you miss them, right?! Here are 5 amazing gift ideas to surprise them with:

1. A traditional Diwali basket

diwali hamper2

Pick up some diyas, idols, dry fruits and sweets- the essence of Diwali! It will let your loved ones know that you wish you were there and also save them some shopping.

2. Chocolate hamper

chocolate hamper

Have a lot of younger nieces and nephews or siblings back home? Then forget the extra stuff and just buy a gigantic basket of chocolates. The adults will love it too!

3. Let there be light!


Shake things up with some innovative and artsy lighting solutions! It will be a nice change from lighting the same old diyas up again.

4. Jewellery


If you’re buying gifts for the women-folk back home, then look no more! Diwali is the perfect time to get all dressed up and no one will complain about extra jewellery.

5. Personalized gifts


If you want a personal touch on your gift, then you can opt for printing a custom message or a photo on pretty much anything; cups, t-shirts, photo-frames, gift boxes and what not.
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Share the light! Share-e-smile!

Image courtesy : Pinterest


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