7 Alternate Uses of Bubble Wrap

We’re all adults until somebody brings out the bubble wrap. Ever started unwrapping a parcel and found yourself popping bubbles an hour later, not having given a single thought to the contents of the box? Don’t worry, it’s not that uncommon.


Turns out bubble wrap is more versatile than we ever imagined! Here are 7 practical uses Continue reading “7 Alternate Uses of Bubble Wrap”


4 easy-to-make Diwali snacks – DIY Recipes

Nowadays our lives have become so fast-paced that we have to constantly sprint to keep up. But since it’s Diwali and most of you have a holiday, let’s take some time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Although, food can hardly be called a small thing!

What better way to celebrate Diwali (and your holiday) than Continue reading “4 easy-to-make Diwali snacks – DIY Recipes”

5 Awesome Diwali Gifts to Send Home

Share Diwali with your loved ones even if you’re away from home!

I’m sure a lot of us are a little too familiar with living alone, away from our family and friends. Most of us go where our career takes us. And inevitably, we miss our near and dear. This is especially emphasized during holidays and festivals.

With Diwali just around the corner, minds are wandering and hearts are longing to be back home. Remember Continue reading “5 Awesome Diwali Gifts to Send Home”

Increase Your Happiness Quotient: 7 Quotes that will inspire you to ‘Get Giving’


True giving comes from the same place where happiness comes from, therefore it is not just natural but also imperative to share what we have; material, non-material, our time, our love, whatever it is that we are most happy giving away to others. When we touch another life by sharing a little bit of joy (in whatever shape or form) we expand beautifully in our soul’s membrane entwining with more energies out there only growing in proportion and collectively allowing for more happiness to prevail. To simplify – the best way to increase your happiness quotient is to share it with others. Isn’t that what we all want in life anyway? Continue reading “Increase Your Happiness Quotient: 7 Quotes that will inspire you to ‘Get Giving’”