5 Ingenious Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary

We say exchanging anniversary gifts is no competition but let’s face it, somewhere it is a battle of wits, a race to finish first every year (in a healthy-cute way of course) and a major sleep-killer when you know your wedding anniversary is approaching and you don’t have that ‘perfect’ gift figured out for your other half. More than the pressure of the expectation, it’s the pressure of living up to that apparent expectation of your partner that makes you scour the internet in the wee hours of the night, trying to find ways to outdo the other with a more thoughtful, sentimental, valuable gift idea in order to win their affection all over again, making them fall in love with you all over again.

1. Marriage Certificate Pillow Cover

This one is a perfect gift idea to remind your loved one and yourself of one of the most important days of your lives. You could easily make this a habit and feature various milestones or other important moments throughout your house in a creative way.

2. Love Map Pin Board

Make a Love Map for your Anniversary to pin all the places you have travelled to as a couple. You can get artistic and add photos, sketches, tickets or notes to represent the beautiful memories you’ve created together in different parts of the world. This DIY gift is incredibly sentimental and fun at the same time.

3. A Comic Book Photo Frame

You can never go wrong with this uniquely personal gift that is going to make your partner laugh. Hang it on the wall or put it by your bedside. Isn’t it amazing when you know you’re the reason why they smile every time this quirky little token of love meets their eye?!

4. ‘Our Love Story’ Journal

Your marriage is your story and you are the writer, director, producer and the lead in it so open your heart to loved one with the script of your matrimonial journey thus far. Plan ahead for a sequel or end it with a post-modern twist, we leave that up to you!

5. Vintage Love Coupons

Show your spouse some crazy love with these brilliant personalized vintage style love coupons. Think deeply about what you want your partner to avail as part of the redeemable offers you put down. After all, you are the one who has to fulfill those wishes!

Get creative and form a treasure trove of experiences that will be cherished by you, your partner and your family for years to come with these personalized tokens of long lasting love.


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