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Many NGOs and organizations for social change have flourished in India in the last couple of years. Whilst many are doing noteworthy work, quite a few have struggled to make it past the red-tapism in the government, lost steam and died a natural death in the process. To top it up, considering the lack of transparency in transactions in our country, donations and sponsorships too are not easy to monitor and receive. There’s a lot that is going wrong but there’s also a lot that is going right and can go beyond when it comes to attaching ourselves to a humanitarian purpose as a society of thoughtful people.

In spite of the hurdles mentioned above, there are a few NGOs in our country that are making a substantial social impact in the community, one of them being the R.K. Foundation from Bangalore. A registered public charitable trust established in the memory of late Sri. R. Krishnan & Smt. Ponnammal with a view to help the needy, the foundation tries to create a bridge between people and non-governmental organizations involved in services relating to health care and human services. To begin with, the foundation concentrates on work in their home state- Karnataka. Gradually the foundation aims to become a part of the local resources mobilization network in various service minded institutions like hospitals, vocational training institutions and others to promote efficient & effective giving.

Through its social responsibility wing, Pigen has partnered with R.K. Foundation to reach out to the under-privileged. Pigen is an on demand first mile logistics and courier service app which offers the easiest way to ship your package anywhere across the world without the hassle of dealing with courier companies. All material contribution to R.K. Foundation will be collected at the donor’s door step absolutely FREE OF COST. Materials thus collected under this initiative will be handed over to the foundation once a week.

Donors need to download the app at Google Play Store to begin donating:

Use Coupon Code: RKF

As a donor, what you also need to do is

  1. Prepare a list of materials you want to contribute to R.K. Foundation
  2. If donating clothes, make sure they are washed, folded and in wearable condition

Please note:

– Wet, torn, dirty clothes will not be accepted

– Only non-perishable materials will be accepted

Now, leave the rest to us at Pigen…

  • A Pigen (representative) will come to your doorstep and pick up your package
  • Your material will be packed using industry’s best packaging practices, free of cost
  • Our Pigen rep will then ship it to R.K. Foundation using the timeliest option at no cost
  • You can track your package throughout its journey as it makes its way to us

Whether you give your time to engage in community service, have monetary resources to give away or just give away what you no longer need that can improve the life of someone less fortunate, it’s important that with all these options of ‘giving’ made available, we all do our bit of good towards the society!

Visit websites for more details: &

Share Your Light. Make a Heart Smile.


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