5 Ingenious Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary

We say exchanging anniversary gifts is no competition but let’s face it, somewhere it is a battle of wits, a race to finish first every year (in a healthy-cute way of course) and a major sleep-killer when you know your wedding anniversary is approaching and you don’t have that ‘perfect’ gift figured out for your other half. More than the pressure of the expectation, it’s the pressure of living up to that apparent expectation of your partner that makes you scour the internet in the wee hours of the night, trying to find ways to outdo the other with a more thoughtful, sentimental, valuable gift idea in order to win their affection all over again, making them fall in love with you all over again. Continue reading “5 Ingenious Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary”


Parcel of Happiness

Share your light. Make a heart smile!


Many NGOs and organizations for social change have flourished in India in the last couple of years. Whilst many are doing noteworthy work, quite a few have struggled to make it past the red-tapism in the government, lost steam and died a natural death in the process. To top it up, considering the lack of transparency in transactions in our country, donations and sponsorships too are not easy to monitor and receive. There’s a lot that is going wrong but there’s also a lot that is going right and can go beyond when it comes to attaching ourselves to a humanitarian purpose as a society of thoughtful people. Continue reading “Parcel of Happiness”