Hello World!

Pigen explained in 7 comic strips.


You have a businessman, happy and hardworking . Ok, a little less happy and a little too hardworking. He runs a business known for its speed and efficiency. He wants to expand.


You have the businessman’s wife, who’s been raising their kid the whole time while the husband was off cracking deals with other businessmen. She has dreams and passions of her own. I mean, who would want to sit around an empty house reminiscing over your kid’s tantrums when you can embroider for a nation.


Wait. The ‘Coo’ used here does not mean cool. It means ‘Oh, heck. Trouble’s brewing!’.

The businessman launches his services across India. He starts getting orders demanding super-fast delivery with awesome packaging. The businessman realizes, too late, that he is just not equipped to handle the logistics, shipping, freight, warehousing, insurance…uh, he can’t pack and post so many products at once!


Boy , do I hate it when someone interrupts me!

His wife’s not faring much better. Finding the right kind of packaging (it has to be water-proof and tamper-proof, mind you!) and then travelling for hours through rains and traffic only to find out that the shipping rates are super-expensive can unsettle your reasoning faculties. It can even burn down the tiny, little shack in your brain called “Dreams and Passions”.


Stop interrupting me, people! I’m only trying to help!

So, the businessman and his wife sit in their home, mulling over a very long and a very bad day. Just then, their kid (who’s all grown up now) walks out of his room ( “The den of broken gizmos and questionable magazines” is a much better description. Trust me, I know). He hands over a couple of forms and a mysterious, gift-wrapped package to a guy in a weird shirt.


When asked, the kid tells his parents all about Pigen, the new shipping guy in town. With doorstep pickup, packaging and super-economical and super-fast delivery, it sounds too good to be true. The businessman and his wife decide to try it out for themselves.


Yup. Snap, pick and pack. That’s how it…no. That’s how I work.

The businessman expands his business. His wife realizes his dream. And the kid aces his exams. And life’s good again.



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